Here Is One Pair of Jeans You Should Never Own

OK, so we just told you about all the different jeans you should own. Well, here is one pair that should never, ever come in contact with your closet or the closet of anyone you know. I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that those jeans have a thong attached to them, and hanging halfway out. But no…that would be crazy, right?!

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    • Ellen W.

      The side-ties do allow for a custom fit though.

    • Grace

      How do you even sit down while wearing those things?

    • KemoSabii

      What in the WORLD!!!! One day you will have to explain these to your kids!!!!

    • lal

      now womens are wearing so attractive and sexy dress

    • kristal

      I have Never Seen mean jeans dat look like that.i wont a pair of thoes.i think thoes jeans are the new fashion.

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