Hi, My Name Is Lilit and My Lip Balm Addiction Is My Mother’s Fault

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward healing, and last week I admitted that I have a serious problem when it comes to lip balm. I’ve managed to cut down from carrying 10 tubes with me at all times to carrying two or three, but I still reapply constantly and buy new varieties all the time under the premise of market research. So I decided to get at the root of my addiction to lip balm, and everything went back to one source: my mother.

Like many women, I learned about beauty from my mom and imitated what she did. Thanks to her, I still love Pond’s Cold Cream and keep my makeup routine pretty minimal. But there’s another, more sinister side to our mother/daughter product allegiance. My mom owns about a million kinds of lip balm. I asked her how many kinds she keeps in her desk drawer and she responded “about 2o.” Now that I’m thinking back, I can’t remember my mom without four or five kinds of balms in her bag – and her glove compartment.

So now that I know how I ended up with my lip balm addiction, will that help me to curb it? Step one: palm off excess balms onto my mom. At least I will know they’re going to a good home, where they’ll have a lot of friends to hang out with.

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    • Lauren

      I too am a lip balm junkie! I have been trying to curb my usage as well. I think I found the product to end my bad habit though. Honey Trap Lip Balm by LUSH. It keeps your lips soft all day. I’m finding myself not going into my purse, desk drawer, dresser, car, gym bag etc as often as I use to. This lip balm is so good that when I use I different one i realize the difference in texture so much that I can’t use different lip balm, unless it’s an emergency of course. Since it is a $6 lip balm, I have only bought one and so I use it just a few times a day instead of the every 15 minutes of my past.

      Now after I have written this, I’m not sure if sharing another new lip balm with you will help or hinder you in getting over the addiction. It’s kind of like giving methadone to heroin addicts…

    • Jill H.

      Ha! I knew there were more of us out there!
      Personally, I blame my addiction to “lip goo” on the 18 months in high school where I was on the acne drug “Accutane.” It pretty much dessicates your body, so having multiple lip balms around was essential. I would sit on the couch and literally peeeeeeeel strips of chapped lip off. Gross. (I think I was in to Carmex at the time…)
      But then, it does become addictive. I totally agree with the previous poster, you get used to one kind of lip balm, and then nothing else will fit. I’ve used virtually every kind on the market, at least once. Some leave that wierd white, gummy goo on your lips, some disappear within 5 minutes, some I’ve reacted to and made my lips swell.
      But, I cannot leave the house without a tube in my pocket. I would have to stop and get some or my day would be ruined. *grin* Its the only thing I had in my pocket of my wedding pants when I got married.
      And, I’m actually just a long-time Cherry Chapstik addict. Simple and classic.

    • Haley

      I’m a Carmex addict and I’m ok with that. What sucks is that my husband hates Carmex. He says it tastes gross. I’ve tried tons of different kinds but nothing works quite as well for me. :( Maybe I’ll try the LUSH one mentioned by another commenter…

    • Robin Feltner

      I, too, have a crazy lip balm addiction…always have! Try Wintermint from Supernatural Botanicals…it’s my absolutely fav. Amazing! http://supernaturalbotanicals.com/WintermintLipBalm.html

    • sheherbano

      i’m sorry. all this post makes me think about it napoleon dynamite.