Teri Hatcher Wants You to Know Her Face Is Real, and It’s Spectacular

Some actresses get so much Botox that they can’t even move their faces, which makes it pretty hard to emote. Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher would really like you to know that she doesn’t do that. In fact, she is so eager to prove she doesn’t use injectables that she posted pictures of her wrinkled-up face (to prove it moves!) on her Facebook page.

[Via Us Weekly]

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    • Milka

      And this picture will totally justify the use of Botox. Because if I looked like something out of a Planet Of The Apes movie I’ll definitely Botox the crap out of myself. Hell, I’ll drink the stuff if it works!

    • Mrs U

      This is ridiculous, even if you have botoxed yourself, you can still frown and wrinkle your forehead.. So sorry Terri This doesn’t prove anything!!

    • stevepenrod

      Is that really Penny Parker? she is still cute!

    • Clara

      Obviously Terri has made a face so it will show more wrinkles. Develop a self image that you can live with and Love the real you enough and you won’t need botox or anyother surface cosmetics to make yourself fake.

    • Venus in Furs

      Botox or no Botox: You should take pics of yourself when you’re trying to squeeze out a turd. That is what she’s doing, isn’t it? Girlfriend needs more fiber in her diet!

      • Venus in Furs

        Whoops. That should read: You SHOULD NOT take pics of yourself when you’re trying to squeeze out a turd. LOL!!!

    • Nodavebarry dot blogspot dot com

      This girl does not need botox. She needs a cheeseburger. Several in fact. She was way hotter when smooching up Superman, who loved cheeseburgers, hold the kryptonite… http://nodavebarry.com

    • melanie

      i am aquainted with her she eats well just not loads of sugar. she does however, eat in small amounts basically eats food for fuel. this picture taken was right before her next botox appointment. you know it does ware off then you can make the frownie face it takes atleast 7-14 days for the effects to work.