“Closet Bitch” Is Destined To Be This Girl’s Horrible High School Memory

Look, we all did stupid things in high school. Really stupid things. Some more than others. But not all of us have a special Robin Sparkles tape, the way billionaire hedge funder Marc Lasry’s daughter does. Emma Lasry’s debut is filled with lyrics like “Everybody thinks I’m so sweet/ I’m the girl that you love to meet/ Boys want to take me out to eat/ But little do they know I’m a closet bitch.” Umm, we agree with Marc Lasry though. The tune is catchy. We just think that one day she’ll be working at an investment bank, and someone will produce a video of this, and people will have a good laugh. Good thing she has a good right hook. – NY Observer

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    • jessica

      why has it been removed?????

    • Keri

      it’s because she became too embarrassed to keep it up when everyone started hating on her. She is a billionaire’s daughter and everyone said that she only bought her way to stardom instead of earning it with talent.