10 Ways To Make Plane Travel Not So Hellish (Inspired By Steven Slater)

Planes. Like coffins with wings, aren’t they? No, that’s not quite true. Coffins have leg room. Probably the only fun thing that happened on a plane in recent memory was Steven Slater fleeing via the inflatable slide. Planes should take a lesson from Steven on how to make traveling slightly more pleasurable than visiting the dentist. The dentist who lives in Hell. Here is where they can start.

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    • edi

      really? the “making people with children sit in one part of the plane” is absurb. not every kid on a plane bothers you. what makes you think that because i fly with my son who is very well-behaved on planes that i want to be lumped in with the screaming, writhing messes that everyone dreads? some of us teach our children restraint and personal responsibility. maybe they should force all whiny people to sit in the same section on planes.

    • D

      I would gladly sit in a section with whiny people if it meant I didn’t have to sit anywhere near you and your ‘precious’ child, who of course can do no wrong compared to everyone else’s snivelling brats

    • Eileen

      Now, I love little kids, but keeping them away from everyone else is an excellent idea. No matter how cute a kid is, stick him on a six-hour plane ride, and everyone else will want to smack him – or, rather, his parents. Unless he’s drugged. As a huge history dork, though, I have to admit that I enjoy National Treasure.

      And my suggestion for Jennifer is flying Southwest. You can check up to two pieces of luggage for free, as long as each weighs under 50 pounds (I have checked a Sousaphone for free), and if you travel on certain holidays, you can get free booze. Snacks are free, too, although unfortunately not cookies. Just make sure you don’t wear a short skirt.

    • Jennifer

      ok, I would sit with my two little boys in a separate place on the plane, only if I pay less than someone without kids. Why? Because If I pay a ticket for the same plane, nobody can discriminate about my kids age.