7 Comic Strips That Suck More Than “Cathy”

Look, Cathy serves a purpose. It exists so we can mock of the women who live it. How will you make fun of your co-worker who keeps freaking out about how she can’t eat chocolate because it’s OMG SWIMSUIT SEASON if you can’t mutter “Ack! Ack! Ack!” under your breath? She’ll no longer be an easily identifiable cultural cliche. She’ll just be a girl across the office counting the calories in rice cakes. And that’s not funny, that’s just sad. So it’s a shame that the comic ends October 3rd. It’s also a shame that these comic strips ever existed in the first place:

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    • PJ Ebert

      Geez guys, five of the seven comics are my favorites.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Just out of curiosity, which five? Is it Zippy?

    • John

      I can think of one blog that should be cancelled.

    • T. Bob

      And now Cathy is leaving the stage. t’s time for some others to follow. (You hear me, you Keanes?)

    • Lizzy

      I recall Marmaduke being really amusing when I read a book of strips during silent reading time in 2nd grade. I think. I read the whole thing, but I may have just been reading anything that was easy and allowed me to keep hiding that I still couldn’t read phonetically yet at that point.

    • Dee

      Could I please please please nominate Chickweed Lane? Set in NYC never have I seen heard or even mentioned in passing anyone of color. Sheesh!! And now the dad’s a German. Hmmm, Aryan tendencies?!?!

    • Clara

      Maybe it’s just that you haven’t been successful for as long as most of these comic strip have been?

      • Ken

        Because the only possible motivation for disdain is jealousy.

    • flip

      come on, zippy totally rulez. i learned to read with zippy! although that might explain why i am a total dick with no friends because my sense of humor is as stunted and underdeveloped as a toddler with hydrocephaly. p.s. rex morgan m.d. sucks donkey balls.

    • Eileen

      Garfield’s sometimes funny, but Family Circus NEVER is. And the Lockhorns seriously just need to get a divorce already. But I still think Cathy was worse.

      • Braniff

        Family Circus was occasionally funny in its early year. In a collection published by a Christian (!) publishing house on the anniversary of the cartoon’s 50th strip, there was one cartoon showing Daddy mowing over a flower garden while he was distracted by a gal sunbathing next door–wearing a bikini! Compared to what we see in the Family Circus nowadays, I thought that was funny!!!!

    • Leah

      I disagree with ‘For Better Or For Worse’ – during its run, this comic strip covered many relevant yet tough topics that most comics don’t really cover. Some examples include the coming out of one character, the near-rape/abuse of several female characters, as well as the characters having to age in real-time.

      A more appropriate choice for lame comic strip based on conventional family values would have been Luann. That strip has always been an eyesore filled with hackneyed jokes and stereotypes.

    • Summer

      Have you ever heard of Snuffy Smith?

      Unfunniest comic ever.

    • Meg

      I’ve always HATED family circus. I’m convinced it was written for little old ladies, nobody under 70 allowed.

    • Cynthia

      I have to agree with Leah…For Better or Worse is still pretty good.

    • Greg Mallek

      How about Fusco Brothers? That SUCKSSSS!

    • Dave

      I think you got Garfield mixed up with Heathcliff. Garfield is funny. Heathcliff is not.

    • Bonnie

      Yeah, For Better or Worse shouldn’t be on this list. I still remember when April was born and how mind blowing it was to pick up a newspaper for the first time in years and find out that she was in junior high. The real time aging thing (or close enough to count) is like an art form in of itself. How about voting Blonde/Dagwood instead?

    • Claire

      For Better or For Worse is a classic that does not by any means belong on this list.

    • Jill

      fred bassett. it doesn’t even have punchlines, the dog just says things that sound like common sayings but really aren’t (example, the dog is looking for his ball and the punchline is “all right rufus, you go that way, and i’ll go this way). why would a newspaper think anyone finds that funny?

    • Laura

      Thing is, a couple of these USED to be somewhat funny, but “jumped the shark” so many years ago, I suspect Jennifer was too young to remember…

      When Ellie in For Better or For Worse was the young narky housewife with the little bratty kids, I could relate to her. But she stopped being narky. When Garfield first started, I loved his sarcasm…I had a cat just like him.

      The best example is Peanuts. There was something very cool about them in the late sixties. But as Charles Schultz aged and got richer, it stopped looking for new ideas (although a beagle pretending to be World War I pilot flying his doghouse is hard to top) and rehashed the same-o, same-o (with way too much Peppermint Patty, yecch).

      Like musicians, cartoonists lose their edgy creativity and become too complacent in their success. The best ones know when to stop: Calvin & Hobbes, the Far Side, Bloom County.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Maybe. I was actually in the bookstore today and checked out Garfield from the early years, and yeah, it gave me a few giggles. Unfortunately, that was many, many years ago, and seems to bear no relation to the strip I grew up reading. That said, I loved Peanuts right up until the end. Maybe just because it was so good at establishing that little world with yearly landmarks – Charlie trying to kick the football, waiting for the Great Pumpkin – those ended up being things I looked forward to, year after year. I think it also always struck me as something that came from another, simpler time – without being stupidly cheesy, like Family Circus. The only thing that really bothered me about Peanuts was the ending. I knew Charlie couldn’t kick the football (because that’s not who Charlie Brown is) but couldn’t the little red-haired girl have come over and said “I like you, Charlie Brown?” Or just anything other than a message from Charles Schultz? Because that was lame.

      • Braniff

        Mad Magazine had their idea on how Peanuts should end (which came out years out before the so-called ending–I don’t refer to the reruns). In that one, Charlie Brown kicks Lucy–and then gets hauled off to jail and Lucy is tagged “DOA”

    • bippy

      wtf, how is garfield up there?! he is a LASANGA loving cat for fcuk sakes, how can you not love that?! …and for better or worse shouln’t be there either, you ma’am have NO soul. no soul i tells ya!

    • laidbackWI81

      Having grown up on many of these, I feel about half should remain being given a chance (but hint to the creators: up the comedy), but what I really think is we need a new comic strip, one that relates more to the times, one that actually makes political comments on current situations without being overly PTSD about it Doonsbury and that people can actually relate to on a personal level… wheres the political comedy on Obama, the gay rights movement, the struggling economy, the over run government control on our daily lives and rights?? I don’t see any pen lined cartoonistic character in a bubble b!tching about things like how our government now outlaws mail order tobacco while puffing on a cigarette, pointing out how unfair it is to the people that choose to smoke are being raped over it and forced to pay outrageous prices (I’m a non smoker by the way) while alcohol related deaths are on the rise and in many parts of the country it’s only a misdemeanor to get a DUI, how about the fact that most reported and I suspect un reported cases of domestic violence involves aone or all parties being drunk?. I don’t see a pixelated skin toned character claiming that gay’s don’t deserve the right to have equal rights while being depicted picking cotton in shackles, claiming that the two situations of civil rights are nothing alike. Where is the cartoon image of two waterfountains; one saying “Straights” and one saying “Gays”?! How about the fact that AWOL soldiers are up 234% and the government refuses to allow civilians who fit all criteria necessary, often exceeding to enlist that actually WANT to solely because they are gay.

      I also REALLY miss the far side, the one cartoon that I could actually relate to in all ironies.

    • Nodavebarry dot blogspot dot com

      Surely there is unity on Family Circus being the lamest comic strip ever – especially the strip that showed one of the kids being told to go do something and the rest of the strip showing a dotted line of the kid walking all over the place. That was reprinted about 10 million times. Should have earned the creator hard prison time. nodavebarry.blogspot.com

    • Jessica

      Don’t forget Six Chix! I hate that comic strip. It’s no where near funny, or even clever.

    • kelly

      I can’t help but get the impression that the person posting this is just not from the generation that enjoyed the comic strip. Cathy is the sort of comic strip that is funny if you personally can relate to it. Whether or not you like the sort of woman depicted in the strip, there are a lot of women out there like Cathy, who read the strip and laugh because to them “this is so true.” For me, some of the strips were “so true” while others not so much. As for For better or for Worse, while the originals were mundane, later in years I thought it had developed into one of the best and most complex comics in the paper.

    • Sonny Moon

      Ah well, when this was posted we lived in more innocent times: Before the debut of Donna Lewis’ “Reply All” comic strip, which effectively put the last nail in the coffin of the once-thriving art form. Think “Kathy” sucked? “Reply All” sucks a thousand times more.

    • tamara

      why is cathy and garfeild on the list ? they are like the best two and my favorites don’t be hating on my favorite cartoon cat or my favorite comic gal cathy btw op if you think that cathy is that bad enlarge the image of her that you have posted on here and let me have it

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    • Mike Chambers

      Garfield tends to be kind of lame, but every now and then there is a truly hilarious one. Usually they’re one of the Sunday strips. For Better or for Worse isn’t that awful, but sometimes it tends to be more of a soap opera than a comic strip. You should have put Blondie, Hi and Lois, Beetle Bailey, or Sally Forth (ugh).

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