• Fri, Aug 13 2010

It’s Blame Somebody Else Day, So Here Are People I Would Like to Blame

Apparently, the first Friday the 13th of the year is Blame Someone Else Day. I love a good fake holiday, and this one I am more than happy to take part in observing.

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  • foxyspoon

    #6 made me lol.

  • marsha

    Thats whats up- I think thats great cause a size 14 is really the average size of the Amaerican woman. Its not too small or too big! Feel free, feel happy be a size14 !

  • Ava Apollo

    Agreed with it all. Although I have to submit the Kardashians too with point #1.

  • karled

    My sister must have known about this holiday!

  • HeelShields

    Thanks, these were really good. You should just do one a month.

  • smiley

    :O lauren conrad is amazing, how DARE you! the only thing off about her, is the fact that she unleashed heidi and consequently spencer into the media…

  • jiggeh

    charlie sheen, again, for portraying on two and a half men that he is in anyway attractive.

  • feistyred

    The title got me interested, but I only knew who Mel Gibson is. Who the hell are these people? I’ll tell you something that annoys me, when there are articles or pictures of people that are written like I should know who they are.