Your First Kiss: Where is He Now?

The first kiss is a milestone in every girl’s life. It’s a moment she remembers for the rest of her life. Some girls remember the smallest details; the style of their hair or the shoes they wore. I must admit, I’m one of those girls. I remember every detail of “the kiss”. It was awkward, he had braces and I probably had food in my teeth.

I was 13, his name is Scott and it happened at his Bar Mitzvah. I was wearing a black dress embellished with sequins and fringes. And it lasted a total of 2 seconds (maybe less). I was thrilled afterwards, butterflies in my stomach, the whole nine yards. The beauty of it all? Scott and I are still friends and can laugh about it to this day. Needless to say, Scott went onto “kiss” every girl in our hometown, but it’s good peace of mind to know I was the first.

Lilit is Facebook friends with her first kiss, and Jennifer is not. But she remembers him fondly.

What’s your first kiss story?

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    • Lee

      It was at a party. I’d finally mustered the guts to invite the fellow I was lusting over to an evening of drunken madness with my close group of friends. After a few hours – and a few rounds of shots – we ended up keeping cozy under a blanket, lying on a hammock in the back yard.
      And “cozy” is a relative term, because it was about 2:00am on a February night. And we were lying on a hammock in a CANADIAN back yard.

      Long story short, we shared our drunken philosophies on the complexities of life, and ended up making out on the pool table my friend had in the basement. It was wonderful.

    • Cat

      I was 15—I guess I was kind of a late bloomer. I’d been dating my best guy friend for half a year at that time, but I was still weirded out about doing anything with him because I was pretty much only his girlfriend because I didn’t know what to say when he confessed to having a crush on me, and I had an enormous crush on another guy who was taken. (Despite his having a girlfriend at the time, he turned out to be gay.) Still, I wanted to give my guy friend my best shot since he was My First Boyfriend, after all, and I thought I had better start liking him properly. And by all accounts, when we went to homecoming together as sophomores, we kind of spent the night completely wrapped up in each other. I kept wondering what would happen by the end of the night—would we kiss? I even mentioned this to him, and he too was kind of jittery since neither of us had ever kissed anyone. What wound up occurring was that he leaned in to kiss me on my front porch after his dad drove me home—and it was totally unexpected, since my eyes were WIDE open and he was trying to French me when I was expecting a peck on the lips. So it was really awkward, but I still felt strangely giddy afterwards.

      Subsequent kisses were better but still sort of weird since his mouth was way too small for mine, so I felt like I was kissing a leech and he must have felt as if he were being eaten alive. We wound up breaking up on our first anniversary, and he had another girlfriend with whom he was constantly on-and-off after me. I didn’t date anyone else until my current boyfriend, who’s a much better kisser and with whom I will have been together for 2 years in November. As for My First Boyfriend, he’s actually dating a guy now—he’s bi, even though he was an apparently heavily closeted homophobic Jesus freak in high school (we didn’t have a lot in common when we were dating, and he made me institute my No Republicans Rule!)—and he seems to be happy, from what I’ve heard of him last. I haven’t seen him since graduation, but he’s a Facebook friend.

    • JesseL

      I was 19. I hadn’t kissed anyone, not through lack of opportunity, but because I always told people I wanted a “movie” kiss – a desire I was beginning to realize was farfetched now that I was old enough to legally drink and be in clubs.

      Anyways, I had always been teased for having a major crush on Mick Jagger through highschool, back when all the other girls loved Pete Wentz and Orlando Bloom, and it was on this particular day that I had been fired from a job for the first time. I had been brought into the office and fired for being “too shy”. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed.

      But, I had something to look forward to. My best friend and I were going downtown that night to see a Rolling Stones tribute band, with North America’s top Mick Jagger impersonator. Seriously, he had been on the radio, played Mick Jagger in the opening credits of that movie “The Watchmen”, interviewed on TV, and some other cool stuff. Spitting image of and sounded and danced just like young Mick.

      So here I am, drooling over this guy at the side of the club, and my best friend had a broken leg and therefore could not get up and dance with me on the floor in front of the stage. I bemoaned this fact, and my friend says “You just got fired for being too shy. Get on that dance floor by yourself, and who gives a shit?” So I take his advice and I’m suddenly pulling out moves I never knew I had.

      The next moment, I see this Mick Jagger dude jump off the stage and into the dance floor. Women are touching, grabbing him, the whole nine yards, but he walks over to me, grabs my arm, and starts pulling me to the stage. Suddenly I’m on stage, in front of a packed club, and he asks my name. I tell him, and he says “This is Jess, and she’s going to dance with me!” So they start up Honky Tonk women, and away we go!

      It ends, and he turns his back to the crowd and tells me “I’ll see you after the show.” I float back over to the table where my friend was sitting and proudly announce “I just danced with that Mick Jagger!”

      So their set ends, and some friends of mine who played in a local Beatles tribute begin their set. After a while, the dude who played the Mick Jagger comes back out from backstage and is on the dance floor with all the swooning ladies. Including some very hot women in slinky black dresses, and then there’s me. Jeans and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. I say to my friend “Oh, I’ll never have a chance, now.” and he says “Fired. Too shy.” And PUSHES me back out. Lo and behold, the Mick Jagger dude makes his way over to me. We dance (fuck yeah, the band is playing Twist and Shout), I’m living my ’60s time-travel dream. Mick Jagger guy asks for my number, I give it to him. The sparks fly, and eventually, BAM. Makey-outy time as my favourite Beatles tune, A Day in the Life is being played, live. “Movie” kiss goal reached!

      It’s now been over two years since that happened, and “Mick Jagger dude” is, to this day, my very wonderful boyfriend and best friend. It was all worth the wait for that “movie” kiss. (Don’t worry, I do not actually call him Mick Jagger dude anymore. At least not to his face.)

    • Aline

      Well… If the classical pre-school kiss can be included as a first kiss, it happened at school. I had a ‘boyfriend’ at the time, and one day he said we should kiss. We were seatted in front of each other in a 4-children table, so we just put our heads to the side, to hide from the teacher and gave each other a little kiss. I don’t remember it well, but the funny thing is that everyone discovered and until now I hear that story. My ‘boyfriend’ is now one of my best friends, but we can’t imagine each other together another way.

      My first real kiss happened at a party in Bariloche, Argentina (I’m from Brazil). That was my graduation trip, and I kind of liked a boy there. After a week of almost kisses, we went to the last party of the trip. We seated together in the stairs, and I put my head in his shoulder, trying to get the kiss. But he just wouldn’t look at me! So I called him, he turned his head and I kissed him. It was… strange, but after a week… whatever happened, was well done.

      After the trip, we tried to date, but we weren’t that serious: 3 months went by seeing each other only 5 times. After one month without a word from him, I sent an email breaking everything up. I just saw him again about 5 months after, in a friend’s party, and never saw him again anymore.

    • Nikki

      I was 15, a high school freshman, on a spring break trip with marching band in Disney World. All year I had a crush on a gorgeous senior, I thought he looked like Freddie Prinze Jr. A lot of girls crushed on him. Me of course, being a freshman (and a quiet and somewhat shy one at that) knew I had no chance, so it was very much me admiring him from afar. Shortly before spring break there was a dance, I’m on the floor dancing by myself with a group of friends, and out of nowhere he comes up and starts dancing with me. Inside of course I’m freaking out. We introduce ourselves (of course I knew his name – I knew EXACTLY who he was) and after a while, he says he’ll talk to me soon. The next week I get a phone call – from him. He was friends with the brother of a girl I kind of knew, turns out he got my number from her – she told me that he had actually been asking about me for a while. Anyways – spring break is coming up and I’ve got this trip to Disney World to march with the band in one of the parades. He asks what day we’re marching, because he’s going to be in Florida checking out a college. I’m walking around with my friends in Disney World that day, and suddenly he’s there. How he found us, I still have NO idea, but he joined up with us. We went in the Haunted Mansion that day, something I had been looking forward to for a while – we get in a car together, just the two of us – my friends (male and female) of course just wondering what in the world is going on – and about halfway through, he kissed me. In the freaking Haunted Mansion. We walk around the rest of the day holding hands, and later I have to run off to get in the nightly parade. After we’re done, we all change out of our band uniforms, and he finds me again. We watch the end of the parade, and fireworks go off. He kisses me again. I don’t think I could have imagined it any better. I did grow up to be a bit on the dark/gothy side (wasn’t at all in high school) so telling people my first kiss was in the Haunted Mansion always seems appropriate, and I’m not lying. When we got back home after break, we did date for a little bit – all we ever did was go to movies, and watch TV or movies in his room and make out, I don’t think we really had much in common. Later that year he asked another girl to prom – I didn’t mind really, we weren’t serious or anything, but people said things to her when they found out – she actually called me saying she didn’t know I had been dating him when she said yes. Somewhere after that we just stopped calling each other, but that first kiss – I will always remember that!

    • Act GIRL

      My first kiss was with this guy that lived next door to my best friend. We were talking, but we werent dating…. He had a friend over, and it was me and my friend. My friend suggested to play “couples” hide and go seeek. Of course making the situation awkward she put us together, and they went and hid. We were sitting in his bonus room, he was on the couch and i was on the floor, he asked me if i wanted to come up there, so i got in his lapp, haha. & I we just starting kissing… i’ll never forget it, but i havent talked to him since…..

    • Hannah

      I’m 19 and I’ve never even come close! Never had a boyfriend, been kissed, or any of that. :’(

      • Sammy

        aww i feel for you :( i haven’t been kissed or had a boyfriend either

    • Rass

      I was 19 when I had my first real legitimate kiss. Legitimate in the sense that he didn’t force himself on me and that I wasn’t drunk when he kissed me. It was awesome and I will always remember that moment.

      My first kiss was with this guy who I really really really liked but I really wasn’t sure if he liked me back. We were out, just the two of us, having a great night when the conversation suddenly turned to kissing and how girls would be the first ones to kiss him. It was around 4am. We were in his car and I was in the driver’s seat. My head was turned to the right since I was facing the window and when I turned around to face him, his face was literally like half an inch away from mine. My heart was racing. He said something which unfortunately I couldn’t remember now and then we kissed. It was slow but at the same time torrid and intimate. In my head, the words, “We’re actually kissing” kept repeating. I did not expect that night to turn out the way it did. It was perfect. That was also the first time I tried french kissing. It lasted for about 2minutes. When we stopped, nobody said anything. I didn’t look at him since I couldn’t stop myself from smiling so much.

      I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that he was my first kiss though.

      It turned out that that kiss paved the way for us to become kind of dating. We went out a couple of times after that but it didn’t work out since I couldn’t give him what he wanted, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, no regrets. It was a perfect first kiss and though we didn’t end up with each other, I’d always remember that moment, his face, his lips and the whole experience.