Best Match for a $25 Dress: $760 Shoes

Image via WENN

Earlier this week at a party for Nylon magazine’s Denim issue (for which she’s the cover girl), Drew Barrymore showed up in a vintage dress that she got for $25. Lest you think she’s budget-conscious, she paired the dress with $760 Yves St. Laurent heels. Maybe this is just me, but I really hate how vintage has become just another trend that celebrities mindlessly follow. I started wearing vintage – and still do – because I don’t have a lot of money to pay for clothes and wanted to find stuff that was cute, affordable, and not from the same store that every girl in my high school shopped at. Drew’s dress is adorable, but super rich famous people boasting about how little they spent on clothes is not going to endear them to me.

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    • Eileen

      I don’t see why how much she spent on the dress (or for that matter, the shoes) came up. Although I do understand the urge to tell as many people as possible about the awesome deal you snagged.

    • Katie

      well, i think the point of a story like that is the luck involved. a vintage dress that you happen to love, happens to fit you, and happens to be only $25? That doesn’t happen to any woman very often, and I think that’s part of the fun of vintage. So, I can’t blame DB for wanting to share. But really– i bet she sent her damn assistant out to find it.

    • lesaleeee

      DB has always loved vintage style. Her ‘bragging’ about a great deal on a great dress isn’t a crime, nor do I think it was an attempt to endear anyone. She was simply excited about finding such a great deal on an awesome dress… and like any of us, she was excited to tell people about it.

    • Kait

      Yeah, I can see this being annoying, but not as annoying as when women’s magazines publish their “style for less” columns/issues, and they’re like, “Everything in here is under $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so hard!!!!!!!!” or “See, this Chanel outfit costs $4,000. We’re doing it for $800. STEAL!”

      Every time, I always want to berate them until they let me do a REAL “cheap fashion” column. Someday….

    • rachelkramerbussel

      I think if that’s really how much she paid, she should tell people. I don’t necessarily think it was bragging. We don’t even know if she bought the shoes herself. What I found amusing was that the party was for their denim issue.