When Did You Get Your First Bikini Wax?

According to Gawker, 12 year olds are getting bikini waxes. And they were getting them two years ago (commenters are shocked that Gawker did not pick up on this. Commenters on TheGloss, thanks for not being know-it-all douchebags).Whatever – 12 year olds are getting bikini waxes. Now, I can believe that 12 year olds might have something to wax, because we have very different diets than our ancestors, and, blah, blah, science, blah, blah. That’s all well and good.

What I really want to know is what are 12 year olds doing that they need bikini waxes?  Are they having syphilis parties the way Lifetime: Television for Women told me they were? I hate it when Lifetime is right. But even in the event that you’re going to syphilis orgies in 7th grade, shouldn’t you still be enough of a kid that it’s okay to have some hair down there? Really, is that actually something you need to worry about when you’re 12? When I was 12 all I did was worry about what Bat Mitzvah’s I was going to be invited to.

Taking that into consideration, I didn’t get my first bikini wax until I was in college. However, it is extremely likely that I was uncool in Junior High, and everybody was at a syphilis party without me. When did you get your first wax? If you ever did, that is.

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    • Somnilee

      19 and never been waxed, not down there at least! One of my friends went for her first a year or so ago and it was ‘so bad’ that it required a trip to the pub afterwards before she felt recovered enough to come back into college, kind of put me off, to be honest.

    • Mary

      I got my first wax when I was 17 and about to spend a year abroad. I was/am a rather hairy chick thanks to my Puerto Rican dad and I was going to be living with strangers and a teenage host brother and I just didn’t want to deal with it. My second and last professional wax was legs and bikini line and gave me a horrible rash on my butt. Ew. Never had a Brazilian. \

      Being a hairy little tween, I can understand why a 12-year-old would go for a bikini wax during beach season or if she’s a swimmer, but NOT a Brazilian. That’s just…gross.

      • Mary

        Also “She’s Too Young” is beyond excellent but makes me want to throw up a little.

    • gotplaid

      Oh, ew. I teach seventh graders at a summer camp, and I’m horribly put out when the residential staff plays “Shots” at the Friday night dances. Please don’t tell me I need to have this thought in my head…

    • tango

      Never been waxed down there. I’m of an age (40′s) where it’s not as expected and men I might have slept with in my single days wouldn’t run screaming in horror that I had pubic hair. But if it was a 20 year old today? I’d probably have to do it just because it seems like men of that age think it’s gross if a woman has pubic hair. I draw the line at a brazilian though no matter my age.