Gallery: 10 Fashion Lessons I Learned from ‘Saved By the Bell’

Saved By the Bell was the formative show of my youth. It had everything: cute boys, occasional visits from pop stars or the president of NBC, and fashion. It also happened to take place during a magical time known as the ’80s the early ’90s. Here are some important lessons that my elementary-school self learned (and then eventually had to unlearn) from this great show.

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    • arhakim

      Saw “Saved by the Bell” and already loved it. Bravo, Lilit. Bravo!

    • jane d.


    • Jennifer Wright

      I remember reading in one of the Saved by the Bell books (yes, there were books, and I read them) that Kelly’s greatest worry was whether or not she looked good in purple. Seriously, they weren’t just insulting her. Every day, I hope for a life where this will be my greatest worry.

    • Mary

      Dammit, Lilit. This is like the second time you’ve done this. Saved by the Bell takes place mostly in the early 90s, as the show ran 1989-1993.

      • Mary

        Oh, and to soften the blow: Remember what happens when we try to pretend to be who we’re not. Remember Johnny Dakota! There’s no hope with dope!

      • Lilit Marcus

        Mary, you are correct. Although I think there’s an argument to be made that the 80s lasted until 1992, culturally speaking, but you are right.

        Also, I would like to add that I once was on a flight that departed from Gate A-12 and laughed for about five minutes thinking about how A-12 was the jukebox number for Zack and Kelly’s song.

    • Eileen

      True confessions: I have the entire series on DVD. Plus the wedding in Las Vegas.

      • anna23

        I want to be friends with Eileen so she’ll invite me over for a “Saved by the Bell” marathon! ;)

    • Lester

      Jessie was too busy being neurotic and annoying to teach us anything…

    • Alicat

      Dear lord, is that floral-pants picture of Kelly from the board game? Yes, I am that much of a dork that I had the board game. Okay, have. It’s still in my mom’s attic.

      • Lilit Marcus

        YES. Not only is it from the board game, I still own said board game and have been ordered to bring it – along with the Sweet Valley High board game – back from my parents’ house the next time I visit “or else.”

    • Maria

      I would still do naughty things to Slater.