Are Side Belly Piercings the New Belly Rings?

Back when I was in high school, piercing your belly button was still a fairly subversive thing to do. Every Jane, Joan and Betty didn’t have one yet, and so there was still some sexy shock value to lifting your shirt and revealing a delicate ring sprouting from your navel.

Now, tons of girls (and guys) rock the look. But whilst perusing pics for TMZ’s “Pierced People” Contest, I noticed a new trend — a lot of young women have not just their navels pierced, but the sides of their stomachs, too. Is this what the kids are doing these days? It’s not enough to have one, you have to have three? Is this the same level of rebellion as a lone belly ring once was? Does anybody out there even know?!

[Image via TMZ]

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    • Colleen

      My belly button hurts when I see someone else’s pierced–I have a physical reaction, seriously.
      My entire abdomen spasmed seeing this photo….so gross.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      God I hope this isn’t the cool, new thing to do. Because if it is, my disgusted reaction to it means I’m getting old.

    • arhakim

      I just threw up.

    • Rapt

      These are considered ‘surface’ piercings and don’t last as long as ‘regular’ piercings. Also, I had these back in 2003, so not sure this is really a “new” thing… :)

    • CurlySarah29

      They’re just surface piercings – people get them all over. My friend had her wrist pierced, as well as the back of her neck. And a girl at the tattoo shop I go to has them around her collar bone… I don’t see the appeal, personally.

    • h3llc4t

      For what it is worth, the piercings pictured above are a bad example; well-done piercings will not look as gruesome. The ones above are surface piercings done with straight barbells. Not only is the jewelry inappropriate for the area, but the placement makes rejection very likely due to thinks like pantyhose and seat belts. You can already see the jewelry starting to reject, and they look crooked/poorly placed. Not trying to bash on the girl, but it looks like they were done by someone without much knowledge/technical skill in this relatively difficult type of piercing.

      Properly done piercings using microdermals look and heal much better. (Google “microdermal implant” for more information, but beware if you are a bit squeamish.) They essentially look like gems or small pieces of metal resting on the skin. I have one at the base of my throat and it’s really striking; from a distance it looks like an “illusion” necklace, and it’s very feminine. Unfortunately, micros have become very popular and not everyone who performs the procedure is necessarily very good at it. If you are considering getting a piercing on your sides or anywhere else, please do yourself a favor and research your artist’s work. Ask to see healed examples (NOT brand-new piercings) and inquire about their history with the particular procedure. It often also pays to check in with the Association of Professional Piercers for a qualified artist near you.

      • Sugarblind

        I love this (thoughtful, informative) comment.

    • PiercingsbyX

      Those are surface piercings and WILL get caught on your pants, your partner, ad eventually reject in a very gross way and scrape your flesh off when you take them out. I’m a professional piecer and surface piercings always reject and leave scars


      Dammn Fukkinqq Tiqqht Asss Piercinqqs iM Jelouss Noee <3 Lovinqq iHttt

    • suzyyy

      I think those are gross….. But I an see the appeal in a lot of funky piercings. I have my nose pierced.. And I might want to do my bellybutton. A lot of people have these hip piercings, but I would never do it