Lady Gaga Thinks LA Is Shallow

Well, there goes my burgeoning love for Gaga. And here I thought we could be friends.

It’s not exactly recent news, but earlier this summer Lady Gaga told New York Magazine that she thinks people in Los Angeles are “awful and terribly shallow.” This, of course, comes right after she tells the writer that she doesn’t know many people from the West Coast.

Ah, the hating on LA hypocrisy! So easy to do, so hard to back up. Because most people who hate LA have hardly spent any time here whatsoever. Unfortuantely, even if they did, they’d probably become the worst kind of Angeleno, even as they bash their fellow Angelenos — the kind that lives here and still bitches about it. I’ve met a sorry number of folks who call LA home and yet still bitch about the lack of good bagels (untrue…demonstrates an unwillingness to look) lack of good pizza (see above parenthetical remark) and lack of intelligent people (this mostly comes from people who thoroughly enjoy feeling smarter than everyone and have probably avoided finding smart people in Los Angeles, lest they be proven wrong). To which I generally reply (in my head), if it sucks so much, why are you still here?

Well, it’s probably because it actually doesn’t suck. LA — aside from never snowing — is full of great music, great restaurants, beautiful beaches and friendly, creative people. Sure, we have people who suck and who have shallow aspirations to become famous — but um, as a city, we hardly have a monopoly on douchebags who aspire to be gods and fail miserably.

Anyway, I can’t take credit for getting pissed off about this first — if you want to read someone brilliantly skewer LA haters, check out Steve Lopez’ column in Sunday’s LA Times. But of all the haters, Lady Gaga should be particularly ashamed of herself, since she just played a sold out concert at the Staples Center. All full of shallow, terrible people, I assume?

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    • Sharon

      Does anybody know the name of Lady gaga hair stylist??

      • tiffy

        She wears wigs.

    • porkchop

      I remember standing at the Griffith Observatory, swiveling my head around at the city reaching from horizon to horizon and thinking, “This is not for me.” But what I like about LA is that the people are like, “LA is great!” They’re not like, “Everywhere else is crap,” like people from the Pacific Northwest or New York.

    • Eileen

      Ahhh, never let what New Yorkers have to say about any city in the world (including New York, if you get down to it) get to you.

    • John Green

      People call L.A. shallow for real reasons. Let’s visit them:

      1. Everything is very hierarchical. More so than other places. This is due to the big six studio heads running a lot of the town, and tons of other people competing to supplant them. Sure this happens everywhere, but in L.A. it’s fierce.

      2. The people are nice so they can “get what they want” from you. Sure this happens everywhere, but in L.A. it’s ridiculous. I once had an L.A. become my “friend” just so he could have a socially acceptable way to ask for some food. I would have given it too him freely anyway, but he had this sleezy L.A. “vibe” that is very specific to that region.

      3. The people there don’t handle talking about negative topics as easily as other places. They don’t like getting “real.”

      4. L.A. is home to Hollywood – you know the dream factory of the world? The strange energy from this industry spills over onto the local culture. Much more so than other places in the world.

      5. L.A. is also the pornography capital of the world. That is a shallow industry that spills over onto the local culture.

      6. Everyone in L.A. has this vibe that they are going to “be someone” someday. This is normal for Americans, but in L.A. its become a religion.

      7. L.A. is also huge on plastic surgery. More so than most other places in the country.

      8. Numerous celebrities joke in their books about how strange Hollywood, and the rest of L.A. is. This isn’t biased opinion, and the rest of the country isn’t as bad.

      9. New Yorkers “get real” to connect. L.A. people “act nice” to connect. I would always prefer getting real over someone being nice because they think I could be a useful connection.

      10. In L.A. the superificial is normal. You can’t know it, it you’re from L.A. but the rest of the country has different values around what’s acceptable. In this regard, L.A. is it’s own country, with totally different rules.

      11. L.A. is like the rest of the country, only MORE SO. It’s a magnified freak out hologram. They don’t call it hellyweird for no reason.

    • John Green

      And one other thing.

      I have numerous cases of LA people stories but here are a couple gems:

      1. LA chick says (verbatim), “I don’t hang out with people that don’t dress well.” Then giggles to herself with glee at those worthless people that don’t spend thousands a year on clothing. NEVER heard that from anyone else. EVER!!!

      2. LA pig dude shows me (a complete stranger) naked pictures of some girl he “banged.” I didn’t ask to see these, and no I’ve never had a total stranger parade photos like these at a party. EVER!!