Gallery: World’s Worst Workout Wear

The last time I went to yoga, it was almost as though every single woman had gotten together and said “let’s all wear an identical black tank top and yoga pants!” beforehand. Which is fine. That’s exactly what I was wearing, too. And obviously, it beats some of the alternatives. That is, if these are the alternatives.

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    • Britt

      bahahah Kim Kardashian IS a super hero, for one. and for two: I agree on your wish about having a memory of the 80s because it was so shiny. And poofy. Honestly, everytime I read your articles I crack the f up.

    • Jen Dziura

      Oh, god. That last photo? As a child, I just assumed that I would grow up to look basically exactly like that. So shiny!

    • Elizabeth

      A woman at my gym who goes to a personal trainer still wears the sweat band, leotard over her tighs, belt, tube socks and sneakers. Awesome.

    • Kathleen

      Trust me, you don’t want to remember the 80′s. Really.