Gallery: The 10 Best Dressed Characters On TV Right Now

Yes, Saved By The Bell did have its moment. I guess Sex and the City  did too – in a less neon-legwarmer kind of way. But which TV characters can we look to right now for style guidelines? These ones:

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    • Patricia

      Best dressed characher ever: Charlotte “Chuck” Charles!
      How sad is it that Pushing daisies got cancelled? :(

      • Jennifer Wright

        Umm, she may or may not be the reason I have bangs. (may).

      • Sweta

        Agreed! Her stylish looks make me so happy :)

    • DivaDebbi

      Love the list! If you haven’t seen Archie Panjiba as “Kalinda” on The Good Wife, do check her out. Fierce!

    • thisgirl lori

      Really great list. Kudos!

    • Britt

      I have to agree. Even Mrs. Ari Gold’s sex attire is hottie hot. She’s my new “I must look like her” motivator.

    • carmen

      i’m so happy neal caffrey is on this list.
      he and his suits are my reason for living.

    • Faby

      What I am, a farmer? Gotta love Jack
      & I agree with most of the styles (Neil Caffrey style is dreamy), but c’mon, no Blair or Serena??? :(

    • Kate

      It is my deep shame that I love the hipster look — like on Pretty Little Liars.

      My deep, everlasting, neverending shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

    • Katie

      What about Robin or Lily from HIMYM? I looooove their wardrobes, I always feel like going shopping after watching, ha ha

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