• Thu, Aug 19 2010

Design: Baby Grand as Champagne Bucket

I can’t decide whether this is a brilliant design maneuver, or a horrifically offensive abuse of a beautiful musical instrument. Cynthia Rowley’s living room is showcased in this month’s Elle Decor, and in it, she has a gorgeous, gold baby grand piano that she (or, someone) has taken apart in order to make it a receptacle for bottles of bubbly.

What to think? I mean, it looks amazing, but that’s quite an expensive instrument to turn into a bucket for alcohol. And it also seems like a slap in the face to those of us who would kill for a gold baby grand piano in our living rooms, on which to…you know…play music.

What do you think? Comment below.

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  • porkchop

    This is incredibly poor taste. While it could be that this piano was beyond repair and they’ve just re-purposed it as a champagne bucket, the only respectful way to dispose of a piano is by dropping it from a great height.

  • Eileen

    It looks cool, and it’s her piano, so she gets to make the choice. That having been said, why buy a piano for holding your champagne? Is she going for the John Cage approach?

  • Lexi

    Oh good lord. I think “horrifically offensive abuse of a beautiful instrument” is dead on.

    But Eileen is right, Cage would like it (and so allow me to restate: Horrifically. Offensive. Abuse.)

    • Eileen

      John Cage was worse, though, ’cause he actually tried to play his ;-)