Does The “Curvy Girls Are Better Than Skinny Girls” Facebook Page Need To Exist?

No. Not really, no.

However, there really ought to be a facebook group called “girls who eat a normal diet and exercise and generally feel okay about themselves are cool and make excellent friends, so please, do not start pumping shit into your lips or make me listen to you dry heave into the toilet, okay?” I guess that’s sort of a wordy group, though.

The thing that bothers me about the “curvy girls are better than skinny girls” group isn’t that it embraces curvy figures. In a time that often says that size 0 is the ideal for everyone, it’s nice to embrace curvy figures. But that doesn’t make one body type “better”. Because, hey, some chicks are naturally skinny. Some are naturally curvaceous. As long as you’re healthy, just learn to embrace what you have.

Because body types aren’t a competition. Nobody needs to be better than anybody else.

That said, damn, I wish I looked like Kim Khardashian in a bikini.

An Open Letter To James Who Thinks Cury Girls Are Better Than Skinny Girls – Jezebel

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    • Shannon

      I would totally join, “Girls who eat a normal diet…make good friends…don’t vomit” (paraphrasing). You could also call it, “Stop staring at the mirror and get out of the house. You can’t make friends or lovers by agonizing over cellulite or lack there-of”.

    • Ellen

      Or the group “I spend more time living my life than thinking about what my body looks like.” OR! “I like to pay more attention to what my body can do rather than what my body’s supposed flaws are.” I could go on all day.

    • Beth

      How is calling skinny people ugly ok but calling overweight or curvy people ugly wrong? I have a friend who is naturally very skinny, and she tries very hard to gain weight but just can’t, and she hates it. Insulting anyone based on their body or appearance is just nasty and unnecessary. Be healthy and active, and look the best you can for your body type. No need to insult a certain group of people.

      • NYC

        I totally agree …
        As an answer to the title: Curvy girl are better, feels better to dance with, and do everything else with. I like softness. Bones are not my thing. That’s my opinion.

      • Malaika

        Yes!! I am naturally skinny and i hate it too :(. i do everything to gain weight, and i eat a lot, but nothing happens, so that why it hurts when people call me anorexic or bulimic , cuz this is natural and i can’t help it. why cant we all realize that eveyone is different in their own ways :(.

    • Jennifer

      Yes so SICK of curvy girls are better, ETC…….. please! I am so sick of media/men constantly comparing woman’s looks/features to each other. I don’t EVER hear men complaining to each other about how they look or see articles about MEN comparing themselves to each other and feeling bad about themselves because they have a BEER BELLY, SMALL PENIS, HAIRY BACK/BUTT, FLAT BUTT etc…..

      Also please STOP saying that skinny woman starve themselves and are anorexic. There are a lot of girls that are naturally skinny and do eat without throwing up! Jeez.. If you have a small frame and ARE SMALL BONED you are NOT going to have a lot of fat on you. Duh!! Also, let’s stop with the whole boob thing too! Fake boobs are gross. When you get old you’ll just be an old lady with big fake boobs, nasty.

    • ModExotica Organics

      All women come in different sizes and shapes and are all beautiful!

    • J

      I am pretty sick of society at large saying that skinny girls rule and curvy girls suck. So ONE GROUP about how someone with more fat is better than someone less fat really doesn’t bug.

    • Sir Nate of the meadows

      Stop hating and realize that theres men out there like me who prefer a full figured gal to skeletor. Id rather have a woman who can fill out jeans than a girl who looks like she lost her butt and thighs in some unfortunate accident.