Lady Gaga Style Contacts Can Cause Blindess

In addition to making you look like an anime character, the circle lenses Lady Gaga was thought to have worn in Bad Romance can make you go blind. According to the DailyMail:

‘There literally is potential for somebody to lose their vision within 24 hours from an infection,’ Dr Assumpta Madu, from the New York’s Montefiore Medical Centre in New York told the BBC.

And apparently, Lady Gaga didn’t even wear them. Her eyes were digitally enhanced. So you don’t really need possibly blinding lenses after all – you just need photoshop.

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    • Beth

      I read an article about this a while ago in the paper… they are really big in Japan right now, and you buy them online for super cheap, which means they don’t properly fit your eye and are not made well. Kind of a stupid thing to buy if you ask me…

    • lala

      I can’t imagine any reason for wearing these. Just cosplay and photoshop… sheesh >.<