New Reality Show Puts Contestants In A House of Mirrors

Beauty and the Beast, a new British reality show set to premiere in late 2010 or early 2011, hasn’t even been cast yet but is already making waves. The premise of the show is that two people, one conventionally attractive and one disfigured, will have to live together in a house covered in mirrors. Ostensibly, the point of the show is “to explore how people’s lives are shaped by their looks,” but a lot of critics aren’t buying it. Would you watch it?

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    • eEv

      I’d watch it, but I’d hate myself for it.

    • lala

      ditto eEv

    • Ellen W.

      I will if they sing and dance! And have an amusing cast of supporting characters with improbably accents!

      Actually it really depends on the people they cast, if they don’t go for the standard “bitter ugly” and “shallow beauty” personalities you’d expect. I loved “Beauty and the Geek” (season 1) because they were generally nice people.