Modern Etiquette: How Not to Be ‘That Girl’ At the Bar

CollegeCandy’s recent roundup of “the ten most annoying people at the bar” made me laugh, but it also made me sort of ashamed to realize that one or two of those people have totally been me. So how can you keep from ending up a “woo girl,” sloppy dancer, or martini spiller? This might help:

  • Eat. Even if you go out straight from work and think you don’t have time to go home and grab dinner, eat something. Preferably something with carbs in it. I will pick up a bagel and eat it plain if I have to. Having bread in my stomach helps me soak up the booze, and it keeps me from getting drunk too quickly.
  • Have a safe word. If you’re going out with your girlfriends, agree ahead of time on a code word that you can use with each other if one of you is getting too sloppy or doing something embarrassing.
  • Switch it up. After each alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water. It’ll keep you from getting dehydrated or too hammered.
  • Update your phone. Do you always drunk dial your ex and start crying into his voicemail? Delete his number, or replace it with something like the Time and Temperature hotline. Make it less likely you’ll do something you’ll regret.
  • Don’t mix. Ever heard the expression “beer then liquor, never been sicker”? It exists for a reason. Stick with the same drink the whole night and you’re less likely to blow chunks.
  • Head home early. If you’re already drunk, the best thing you can do is try to sleep it off. If you’re drunk by 8 PM, head home ASAP and see if you can pull it together in the morning.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, do tequila shots. I cannot overemphasize this point enough.
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    • Torontogirl

      I’ve definitely been ‘that girl’ on more than one occassion. Oh the horror that comes when the sun rises and you realize what you did last night…if you’re lucky..

    • bodo
    • Kate

      The “beer before liquor” adage is also a myth. People get sick from drinking too much, period (although I do think that sugary drinks do have a more adverse effect on the stomach than other drinks). Rule of thumb: a 150 lb. person’s body can process one drink per hour. How much you can drink is based on your muscle mass, which is why women typically get drunk more easily. Carbonated mixed drinks (rum and coke) make your body metabolize the alcohol faster, so you feel drunker quicker. The sugar also makes your hangover worse, so if you’re drinking something like that, switch to diet.

      The best thing to do is just keep track of how much you’re drinking, how quickly.

    • spyrals

      who cares! I like drinking and being stupid.. something to remember when I’m old and can no longer go out and be stupid. That’s what bars are for :)