‘Pedicure In a Bottle’ Has the Best Directions Ever

Living in New York means that I walk a lot – it’s great most of the time, but it also does a hell of a number on my feet. So in between pedicures, I need something that can keep my feet from feeling like rocks. So I tried out a product called Pedicure In a Bottle by Miss Oops. The cream is smooth (not sticky) and smells clean with a very faint hint of citrus. But I knew I loved it when I read the directions on the back of the bottle:

Good product and a good sense of humor? I’ll take it.

Pick some up and let us know how long it takes before you can no longer sand furniture with your feet.

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    • Somnilee

      I like how the French instructions skip the humour!

      • Lilit Marcus

        Oui, c’est triste!