Gallery: The 10 Best Models Of All Time

Okay, I’m not sure we can objectively say that they’re “the best” but these models are definitely favorites here at TheGloss. We’re sure we’ve missed some, so feel free to let us know who you’d include in the comments.

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    • Jillian

      I`m just glad Janice Dickinson and Twiggy made it on here and not their ANTM counterpart Tyra Banks. She could have had supermodel status for much longer until she claimed to be the next Oprah.

      • Lilian

        @Jillian…Tyra wants to be known for more than a model…There is nothing wrong with wanting more in life! She’s done acting, modeling, hosting, and she wants more!

      • Kate

        mhm…banks never did much modeling work and has only been on the cover of vogue once, compared to other models, that doesn’t really build your status as a supermodel. but she is a great talkshow and reality show hostess :)

      • Dru

        Tyra Banks did a shitload of modeling in the 80s and 90s and only graced Vogue once because Vogue promotes a very one-dimensional fashion view. Tyra worked where she was appreciated; Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo, in major ads and the runways. I’m shocked that she, Naomi, Christy nor Linda are included on this list.

    • annalisa

      too bad you didnt include any plus size models, asshole.

    • L

      She is all ribs! Pretty but not healthy looking at ALL. I definitely saw the bones first and the face second.

    • noone

      “Asshole”…. Well there havent been any successful plus-sized models so far who could be described as one of the best models of all time…Thats only true, not any kind of discrimination. It’s not the authors fault if fashion industry has wanted mostly small models.

    • Sasha

      Because Crystal Renn and Emme Aronson apparently don’t exist.

    • MPuanani

      how about Yasmeen Ghauri? What happened to her? She’s my favorite as well:)

    • Sabrina

      Ummm hello? Where is Adrianna Lima??? Now SHE’S my fav! She’s gorgeous!!!

      • Jo

        Um, no she isnt, but how does that make such a terrible model one of the BEST models?!?

    • Sabrina

      And Stella Tenant is butt ugly. Eat a freakin double cheese burger everyone once in a while for God’s sake!

    • racheal

      Missing the beautiful Linda Evangilista!!!!!! Also Helena Christianson

    • Shae

      I wanted to see Peggy Moffitt.

    • Kate

      stop telling these models to gain weight! they’ll run out of shoots and shows if they do. i just think that tao okamoto (bowl cut/face of ralph lauren) or du juan (chanel, vouis vuitton, hermes, valentino….)or liu wen(first asian vs angel) could’ve made it.

    • Dani

      You should add Andrej Pejic to your list.

    • Veronika

      In my opinion there isn’t much diversity here…like Eastern Europeans, South Americans…etc.
      I like many of them but I just think the list isn’t very interesting, but that’s just my opinion. ^-^


      Best model of all time CHRISTY TURLINGTON

    • Sam Brees

      it is hard to beat Heidi Klum

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