• Wed, Aug 25 2010

Random Photo: This Vagina Tree Has Magic Powers

This vagina tree in Thailand is special. Not only does it help confused men to know what a vagina looks like, the etchings on the tree sort of look like numbers, and someone used those numbers to win the lottery. Vaginas – what can they not do?

[Via Nerve]

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  • big pete

    Cnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ha ha ha

  • Confy


  • cool

    Its confusingggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Tommy

    A female tree …

  • meri

    ohhhhh my god what is that thing it loooks exaxly like a vagina

  • Ced from ATL

    That’s a horrible looking Vagina…

  • kiki

    if a guy is young enough to not know what a vagina looks like….he duznt need to know

  • hooz

    i cant belive this

  • elizabeth

    i love that vagina tree ima eat it all

  • hayduke

    Holy shit! That’s my ex-GF !

  • FrankMateo

    Is there more than one of these trees.

  • gg