What Fashion Terms Would You Like to Ban Forever?

Everybody has their pet peeves. Mine is the word “pop” (the verb, not the delicious noun). There’s something about the way it gets used everywhere from backstage at fashion shows to episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras that makes me scream. “This color makes your eyes pop” is a surefire way to make me start twitching. Here are a couple of others I pulled together from an informal office poll:

  • “This complements your features”
  • Fresh
  • “A pant” instead of “Pants”
  • Fierce
  • Dramatic
  • Telling you what “season” you are
  • Anything being the new black

What word do you want to ban forever?

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    • Tobi

      Oh yeah, “A pant” instead of “Pants”

      It drives me INSANE.

    • Kait

      It’s not a word, of course, but the “_____ yet _______” antonym combinations when describing a look have gotten so annoying. Serious, yet whimsical! Floral, yet rugged! Ughhh. Stop combining two random words together, fashion writers! It makes me confused (…yet convulsive with rage!)

      • Lea


    • Jennifer

      Saying stuff is cute. I’m so over that!

    • Jenny


    • Nina

      ANYTHING described as “SO Alexa” makes me instantly want to not buy it.