Netflix for iPhone Has Arrived

In case you didn’t have enough stuff on your iPhone to entertain you, now you can stream movies and TV shows directly from Netflix onto your i-appliance of choice (well…iPhone or iPod touch). The Netflix app is available for free to Netflix members. According to the press release:

Members can choose a movie or TV episode from any of the lists and just tap the innovative Multi-Touch user interface to watch instantly or to save the title for viewing later…Additionally, users have the option of fast-forwarding and rewinding the video stream, and stopping at any time. When users want to start watching again, the video stream starts exactly where it was stopped, even on a different device capable of streaming from Netflix.

Personally, this app is not going to be my jam. I just can’t get down with watching such mini versions of my favorite actors — or really, any actors. It’s too hard for my brain to adjust and follow along. It’s not like watching TV, it’s more like watching ants that look vaguely like Courtney Cox.

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