Gallery: 10 Ways To Look Like A Pin-Up Girl

We all want to look like Robert Downey Junior. So we visited The Pin-Up Finishing School, where we got tips on perfecting 50′s make-up and hair tricks, and learnt how to not look all frowny everytime we’re photographed. Here’s how you can look as as retro and ravishing as Robert, or at least some of these other pin-ups:

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    • Joei Reed

      It’s not true that you cannot curl fake hair. You just have to curl it with hot water (or steam) and let it dry completely. Then it will be permanently curled.

    • Joei Reed

      I should have specified, boiling water.

    • John

      And the #1 way to actually complete the look of a Pin-Up girl is….drum roll please!

      Not having a tattoo of a Pin-Up girl. That’s just trendy and lame.

      • MJ

        Your LAME and probably gay if that!

    • Moira

      Also, regarding the eyes… don’t overlook the eyebrows! If you look at most pin-ups, they have a very defined eyebrow. I’m not saying go all Groucho Marx or anything, but hitting the eyebrow with a few swipes of a brow pencil is usually a good thing. Trying to work in a nice arch helps with “the look” as well.

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