Is Robert Redford Still Hot? I Can’t Tell.

According to Betty White in Star Magazine’s print edition:

The hottest man in Hollywood remains Robert Redford. I’ve never met the man, but I just enjoy fantasizing about him completely!

I have no idea if Betty White is correct or not, because in my mind, Robert Redford is eternally playing Jay Gatsby. Not even the whole movie, just that scene where he’s standing out on the stairs looking into the distance.

Well. Rumor has it he doesn’t look like that anymore because there’s this thing called “the passage of time.”

Intern Jillian points out that “he has a handsome face. And good teeth.” He does. Good teeth are important! But he looks like he’s wearing a toupee here, and I am confused, because that would be a good indication that he is not longer attractive. That and the wrinkles.

So, Robert Redford, hot or not?

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    • Malkovich

      Always hot because we will never forget the scene where Barbra Streisand smoothes the hair off his forehead in The Way We Were.

    • Hanna

      Always hot. Without him, we wouldn’t have Sundance. And “The Natural” is simply stunning. Definitely agree with Betty, this guy is timeless, just like Paul Newman!

    • Lauren

      @ By Malkovich: OMFG, yes. Hubble was a Dream Boat. This picture, not so much.

    • Amber

      Hubble will always be the sexiest man alive. Brad Pitt will look like him in 30 years.

    • Eileen

      I think this is one of the more unflattering recent pictures of him. He doesn’t look like Gatsby or Hubble anymore (unfortunately…), but he’s still pretty damned good looking as he ages. (Remember Indecent Proposal?)

    • Lulu

      Actually, this is a pretty flattering photo of the way he looks today (I’ve seen some where he looks like Ted Kennedy with glasses). Redford’s still breath-takingly sexy, but, after all, he is 74 this year! If only ALL human males looked this great in their 70′s, or even in their 50′s!

    • CuriousCat

      He’s sexy as all hell, even if he is no comparison to the Hubble days of glory. Hell, I’m sure anyone who defines sexy as an attitude and not a look (because that’s really what sexy is) would have to agree with me when saying how bangable he remains.

    • David

      Redford was at his youthful beautiful best when he made the movie about the skier in 1968 I believe, just incredibly handsome man. Has looked good for over 40 years and at 75 I’d be damn pleased to look like him when I’m his age.

    • KS

      Sorry, totally over. The toupee is way too dark and he just looks old. His teeth look false too.

    • Leslie

      The way we were. Robert Redford what more is there to say. Incrediblly good looking man.

    • SD

      In the minds and imaginations of women everywhere, Robert Redford will always be the young Navy Lt. sleeping upright on the the bar stool in the movie The Way We Were.