Tattoos of Musical Legends: Too Legit or Trying Too Hard?

Over at Flavorpill, they’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hipster tattoos featuring musical icons like  Edie Sedgwick, Iggy Pop and Johnny Cash.

Flavorpill feels as though this is a refreshing change from the other, more common ironic ink sported by many a Williamsburgian and Silver Lakeno.

But I, for one, am not sold. Now, I like body art — don’t get me wrong, and I like a lot of the musicians featured on these folks arms, legs, shoulders, whathaveyou. But something about this screams look at me, I really GET these musicians, like, more than you!

But maybe I’m just being harsh, and not understanding the real reasons behind these choices. What do you think? Are tattoos of musical legends too legit or trying too hard?

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    • Saffa

      I don’t have tattoos myself and admire those who have the courage to get them but I have to agree with the notion of these people tryying too hard. I mean, at 32, I am not necessarily interested in many of the musicians I liked earlier. I remember being an impressionable teen maddened by New Kids On The Block. Thank goodness I never got a tattoo of them.. can you imagine??? I think the same goes even for the bigger legends, the beatles, Morrisson, Elvis. How would you feel about the tattoo being there if you lose your passion for that musician as you grow older, and what of the musician you have on your arm oh so proudly, gets convicted of something henious, pedophilia for example, or states an opinion that gets you to completely hate him.. what would you do w your tattooed arm then?

    • fromabroad

      I saw a Robert Smith tatoo on some random site and it was all wrong, Rob looked like Chucky or IT the killer Clown, major fail! I think it’s dangerous to make tattoo of a favorite artist, especially if you’re a teenager, it will be embarassing to have a Jonas Brothers ink when you reach your forties… . Saffa is right on, loved her comment. Unless the person been a fan for around at least 10years, got all discography and saw at least one live gig, i wouldn’t recommend a permanent tattoo, it’s easy to regret doing it and it’s expensive and painful to remove

    • Jenny

      OK, what if, like Pete Townsend, that person you have inked on your arm gets caught with a fair amount of kiddie porn on his/her hard drive. For, you know, “research.” Anyway, probably better to go for the imagery of their songs rather than the person.