WTF Is Courtney Love Thinking?

OK — I understand that Courtney Love kind of ahs her own thing going on. She’s not following any fashion rules — she’s creating them. She was single-handedly responsible for making slips outerwear in the ’90′s, and she has since apologized to no one for anything, ever, anytime.

But here… ??? I mean, what is this? Why does she look 80? What’s with the scarf? The face? The posture? Courtney, you’re better than this…

[Image via Go Fug Yourself]

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    • Anomaly42

      Honestly, I think it’s mostly just her posture and facial expression that make her look strange in this photo. I think her outfit is lovely, and the head scarf is a bit odd, but I think it’d look much more elegant if she wasn’t caught in such a weird position.