10 Ways to Have a Romantic Night For Under $10

Love life need a lift? Have a romantic night in with these 10 charming items and make your honey (even if it’s your TiVo) fall in love with you again just because of how much you didn’t spend.

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    • meg

      This could have been a cute, helpful article if it wasn’t just a sales pitch for more s&%t I don’t need. Instead of simply suggesting we spend $8 on an overpriced pad of paper, why not put some thought into it and come up with something like washable markers for a sweet, sexy writing Pablo Neruda-style love poems on each other before sharing some shower time to wash off the words with scented soap.
      Washable Markers @ Target: $2
      Liquid Lavender Soap @ Target: $2.19
      Book of Pablo Neruda Poems for inspiration: FREE at your local library
      Total (pretax) Cost for Romantic Evening: $4.19

    • Kate

      First – thanks, Meg, for the Target versions.


      I feel like this would just be one wild way for me to be super awkward. And possibly set the house on fire.



    • Liliana

      I really like this site but this article was soooo cheap, what do some ugly earings have to do with romance? Slippers for the robe? As Meg puts it in a very cleaver way, you can do publicity in a funny and smart way.