Reader Comment of the Day: Kate

Sometimes a comment is so good that we just have to single it out and make sure everyone saw. This one comes from Jennifer’s great post about how “accepting all body sizes” doesn’t jibe with “hating on thin women.” Here’s Kate’s comment:

Just as no one should ever have the brazen presumptuousness to judge what is like to be “fat”, no one has the right to decide who I am and what my life must be like because I am skinny. I have been both- I was a size twelve in high school, and I was treated like a cow who was apparently supposed to cloak myself in a burqa to to save innocent bystanders the traumatic experience of glimpsing my thighs, which is sexist, size-ist bullshit. On the flip side, i am now a size zero and you know what? The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side, since now it is apparently totally appropriate to make tasteless anorexia jokes and gawk at me as if I was a holocaust victim. No one has the right to judge me for my body, regardless of my size- either way, I’m a person, and anyone telling me who I am supposed to be or trying to shame me for some imagined crime I committed just by inhabiting my skin can bite me.Normally, I do not voice my opinions in such crude, angry terms, but I think I can speak for any girl who has endured the experience of the world declaring open season on her appearance without any sort of consent on her part that, eventually, something’s got to give. After a while, enough is enough, and like it or not, I have a right to be mad.


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    • Ray

      A burqa is a sort of mask that women traditionally wear in Bedouin tribes. I think you meant ‘abaya’.

      • Sugarblind

        Pedantry aside, she has a hell of a point.

    • Initialised

      Body image is a theory issue. On the populist side there’s the assertion that media bombardment causes body-dismorphia. On the other hand there are a wealth of scientific studies that show that women toward the statistical mean are both perceived as more attractive and more likely to be fertile. So our evolved prejudices regarding mate choice are the real cause. The media simply exploits these instincts. After all sex sells.

      So in a way by exposing an abnormal (over 3 standard deviations from the mean) body image you are inviting critique from any witness since sigh deviations were rare in the environment we evolved