Will We Ever Know What Men Really Want?

Why do we care what men think about women? This is probably a moot question, but really, why? So many articles “explaining” what a man looks for from a woman in a relationship or what a man notices first about a woman are crap. All they do is contradict each other and make us more confused. According to the article “Eight Things Guys Notice About You Instantly,” I’m supposed to only ever go out with just two of my girlfriends, have thick hair, an hourglass figure and some type of “glowiness” (which I’m pretty sure isn’t even a word) if I ever want a guy to notice me. Conclusion: care about the way I look. But according to the article “The Number One Thing We Get Wrong About Men,” it doesn’t matter that I like sports (I don’t, but I know some girls do) or have a pretty face because all men want is to be loved. Whhhatt? Isn’t that what we’re told chases men away?

But here’s my other issue: articles like these are written by women. What do women know about what men want? Nothing, unless someone goes all Mel Gibson in “What Women Want” and can actually read every guy’s mind (I can’t even begin to wonder what goes through a guy’s head throughout the day … don’t think I want to either). Even if I were to ask a guy point-blank what he thinks, he’d probably tailor his answer to what he thinks I would want him to say. Men are just as clueless as we are, girls. It’s time to embrace it. I mean, just look at the article “What Men Think of Brunette Women.” It’s written by a man and he’s still confused about what he wants. First, he thinks brunettes are mysterious and pensive because apparently we (yep, I’m a brunette and proud of it) don’t smile. Just so you know, he came to this conclusion by looking at a “few” pictures of classic brunettes and noticed Marilyn Monroe smiled more than Audrey Hepburn. I know plenty of people that hate smiling in pictures, period. Ever think of that, Rich Santos? Then Mr. Santos alludes to an episode of “The Smurfs” where a brunette Smurf is cursed and once she is cured she turns blonde. I won’t even comment on that. Possibly the one point in the article where it is ever so clear he is confused about his attraction to brunettes, or women in general, is that since dark hair absorbs the light, brunettes are autumn and winter and blondes are spring and summer. Now THAT doesn’t even make sense.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that no one, not even if you have a Ph.D., knows what they’re really talking about when it comes to attraction or dating, so don’t try and convince us you do. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We should just accept it finally that we’re from different planets and will never understand each other.

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    • Beth

      These articles seem like a waste not because as women we don’t know what some men are thinking, but because no one can know what every member of an entire gender thinks. Everyone has different opinions and tastes so just because some guys want some hot, blond party girl, others might want a more reserved girl, while some might want a very intelligent girl, and so on. Men, and women of course, all think differently, so trying to say “All men like this, act like this and you will get men” is silly. You will get some men, yes, but not all of them. So instead of reading articles like these, just be yourself (sorry, I know it’s cliche haha) and find someone who is actually compatible with you instead of trying to attract everyone, regardless of actual compatibility.

    • Eileen

      One solution is not to read anything by Rich Santos, who is a pretty crappy writer in general.

    • SamHain Press

      Oh, I am so tired of hearing “Men are from Mars…”, etc. In my experience, the ‘gulf between genders’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy from bygone eras where men and women were raised to fill different (and greatly limiting) roles in society. The more articles there are devoted to ‘figuring out’ the opposite sex, the more confusion there is.

    • Reggie

      The reason there’s so much mystery is because men, women, PEOPLE, are all different with different turn-ons and fetishes. Sure you can highlight patterns across the board but saying you’re magic list of 5-10 things is a make or break thing is just silly. In fact, reading the “what woman want” articles can make me just as confused about my own gender as the male articles. In the end, I’m left walking the streets looking are people and thinking “Who ARE these strange, mysterious beings I see all around me??” lol.

    • Tony

      The stereotype man or woman doesnt exsist. I am a man with no interest in sports or beer and sex is not really in the top 10 things of my life (: hehe! and im not gay if your wondering). Its not that each Gender lives on a different planet its each human being does. No Man or woman thinks or acts in the exact same way as any other man or woman. Even if you prove 70% of men like sports your descounting the 30% that dont. Its silly how we all wont to put each other in to catagories. I read somewhere that humans like parterns and we see them some times when there not even there. Maybe its best to see each other not by whats in our heads but by whats in our hearts.

    • zorton

      a nice piece of ass