“Women Aren’t Entrepreneurs ‘Cause Girls Don’t Play With Cars”

Tech Crunch recently didn’t a post entitled “Too Few Women in Tech? Stop Blaming The Men.” The point of it is basically:

“The problem isn’t that Silicon Valley is keeping women down, or not doing enough to encourage female entrepreneurs. The opposite is true. No, the problem is that not enough women want to become entrepreneurs.”

Hmm. Interesting point. Maybe true, maybe not – I imagine there could be social factors that make women want to be entrepreneurs less, but then, it could just be a hard field to break into. But, oh, the comments section. The comments section is the battiest, craziest trainwreck of a comments section you may ever see. God. I wish we had one just like it. Though it’s made me feel that maybe the reason women don’t want to get into tech is that men who work in tech are the worst people in the world. Go here to check it out. Some of our favorite insights so far:

Less women undertake degrees in quantitative disciplines than men. This is due to brain function. Men and women are not equal, nor is one sex better than the other. It just is the way it is.

Your “high” (for a girl) math SAT makes you a freak, not the Moses of Tech Gals. If your brain worked as well as you like (and would like us) to believe, you’d not post such dumb, angry feminist retard words.

My point being that as a person you do not need to consider whether you have a cock or a pussy, you need to consider the value to provide. Leaders are borne from the diligence of genetics. Your view is mute until you teach that gash you call a baby dispenser to have a 150 IQ.

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    • Sasha

      I have a brilliant friend who recently started her dream job working as an engineer for the Navy (a field with VERY few women). The way she is treated by the men that surround her is leading her to regret her decision. =/

    • Lindsay Cross

      Wow. I don’t even know what to say about those comments. The whole “poor, poor men, we’re the real minority, why does everyone pick on us” thing kind of makes me White Chocolate Mocha start swirling in my stomach. But at the end of the article, they talk about the fact that women are prone to nurturing and that makes them more risk averse. I have absolutely no science to back it up, and the article didn’t link to any, but that makes a little bit of sense to me. Obviously, not every woman feels this way. But for me, the instability of entrepreneurship makes it unlikely I would ever try it. I’m much too worried about having a steady income to provide for my daughter to risk opening a business that might fail. And the reality is that most small businesses and start-ups fail. I work in quantitative analysis and no one has ever assumed I couldn’t do my job because of my sex. But no matter how high my math SAT score was, I still won’t be starting my own firm anytime soon.

      • smith

        Your aversion to risk has nothing to do with being a woman and everything to do with the fact that you have a child. I’m willing to bet your baby daddy wouldn’t be willing to start a new business either for the same reason, so don’t assume that all women are mothers just waiting to happen and therefore won’t take any risks.

      • Lindsay Cross

        I’m aware that not all women are mothers. That’s why I said, not every woman feels this way. I was simply stating that I could understand a certain part of the article’s argument. I’m happy there are women out there who do take chances, whether they have children or not. People like Jen, who writes about starting companies and being self-employed, deserve a lot of respect. I admire them. But for me, starting a business scares me. And actually, I don’t think my daughter’s father would feel that way. I think he would be much more willing to take the chance on a new business, because he focuses more on the rewards than the risks. I’m not saying every father is like him, but our dynamic fits the article’s argument.

    • Jen Dziura

      If this is the competition, I feel very good about competing. That was amazing!

      I am going to buy DumbAngryFeministRetardWords.com!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Please do. I will put so many dumb angry feminist retard words on that site.

    • porkchop

      How dare that person use the word “gash” when he already knows I prefer “baby dispenser”? And how dare he speculate about its IQ? It’s exceedingly difficult to measure the intelligence of an organ that has no powers of verbal communication, especially using Euro-centric, male-dominated tests. So far, I’ve been able to track my baby dispenser’s IQ and have established with 85% certainty that it’s within 1 standard deviation of normal. I’m proud. I’m going to give it some start up money as soon as it finishes its business plan.