Food Is Fashionable: Anthropologie’s Lobster Dress

Our colleague Briana, the deputy editor over at, came in rocking this adorable lobster-print sundress today. It’s perfect for Labor Day weekend, and she reports that the dress was a big hit at a recent summer wedding she attended in New England. In other news, it is making me hungry.

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    • Karen

      Come on. Now, I’m not trying to be mean here. But really. Why is it that just because something is sold at Anthropologie, it automatically becomes accepted as a wonderful product? This dress is really… [struggling for adjective...] hideously unattractive. Beyond the fact that the seam down the front of the bust cuts off the lobster “art”, the pattern (not the subject matter so much) makes me cringe and the blah cut and wrinkly material just leave me shaking my head. Sorry, Briana.

      • Lilit Marcus

        I don’t think it’s cute because it’s sold at Anthropologie. I think it’s cute because it has lobsters on it.