Broken Up: How to Move On After Ending a Relationship

In May, my boyfriend of three years and I went our separate ways. No breakup is ever fun, but this one was especially difficult because it was the longest and most serious relationship I’d ever been in. We’d gone on trips together and met each others’ families. I’ve had almost four months to move on, but this article from College Candy reminded me about everything all over again. Granted, getting over a first-ever boyfriend is really different than getting over a I-thought-we-were-going-to-get-engaged late 20s romance, but every breakup shares elements in common, and broken hearts aren’t a contest. So here are some of my own, personally tried-and-true techniques.

  • Keep your calendar full. The more time I spent alone, the more time I spent thinking about what my ex and I would have been doing or talking about. So I reached out to my close friends, reconnected with acquaintances, accepted every invitation I was sent, and did my best to keep my social calendar full. One, it kept me busy so I wouldn’t start reminiscing about my relationship or obsessing over something I said; and two, I got to spend time with people I cared about.
  • Remember all the things that make you you. When you’re in a relationship it’s easy to think in the “we.” While I was dating my ex, I feigned interest in his hobbies so that we could do stuff together. Once I was single again, I made sure to spend time doing stuff that I loved – reading, yoga, watching Murder, She Wrote reruns on Netflix.
  • Don’t get mad at yourself. For awhile, I was trapped in this really weird cycle – I would get all nostalgic, have a little bit of a pity party, and then stop halfway through and get mad at myself for being sad. Going through a grieving/letting go process is normal, and you shouldn’t try to squelch your feelings. Process them now, and you’ll save yourself a lot of anguish later. One thing I did was repeat a favorite quote to myself every time I would get angry: “The way forward is with a broken heart.” (That’s from Alice Walker.)
  • Don’t try to erase the past. Couples who spend a long time together tend to accumulate a lot of shared baggage – vacation pictures, borrowed clothes, anniversary gifts. While it’s really tempting to take everything he ever touched and burn it in the street (although, if he did something really terrible, like being physically abusive, you can light a match and I’ll be right there with you), you can’t erase history. Remember the good times and the bad ones. You can’t cut out an entire period of your life, and a happy memory should stay a happy memory, even if the person you made the memory with isn’t in your life anymore.
  • Get away. A change of scenery can do wonders to clear your head. You don’t need to spend six months backpacking through Europe. Spend a weekend visiting your family and catching up with old friends, or head to a meditation retreat where you can relax and redirect your energy. If you can’t find time to get out of town, try this: one thing I did was call a close friend from high school, who I only get to see in person about twice a year, and ask her how her kids were doing. I spent about an hour listening to her cute, funny stories about her toddlers. It was nice to catch up, and it also reminded me that there was more to life than me and my problems.
  • Write in private. There have been really beautiful poems, novels, and blog posts about breakups. However, if you really want to be honest about your feelings you should write them down in a place where no one else can see them. Once you put something online, it’s out there forever, and you don’t want to either self-censor or say things you’ll regret later. Feel free to publish your thoughts eventually … once you’ve had time to edit.

The way forward is with a broken heart, but it’s also with a full one. While ending a relationship isn’t a fun process, it also isn’t the end of your life. Take the good and the bad, be honest with yourself, and soon enough you’ll find yourself miles ahead.

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    • Britt

      Lilit, this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me! After spending 5 years with my boyfriend/best friend, we recently ended it and although it sucks, I know it’s for the best.

      This post is so helpful for all the girls ending or having ended relationships recently- so thank you for writing it!

      • Lilit Marcus

        I am giving you a big hug through the internets right now.

    • Lauren

      Thank you, Lilit. I’m not currently going through a break up, but the most traumatic time of my life was while I had broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It just about killed me, because I didn’t know how to deal with it. I pretty much curled up in a ball and waited there until, almost a year later, I realized it was never going to get better if I sat alone every night. I think this article will help a lot of people. Thank you, for sharing your experience.

      I am giving you a big hug through the internets right now.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Love this! And also — I think a lot of the points are good to do even when you’re in a relationship, to salvage your sense of self. Good advice…

      • rikardo

        Dear friends, i had a problem with my girl friend 2year ago, which lead
        to our broke up. when she broke up with me, i was not my self again, i
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    • JBlitzzz

      This is really just wonderful…

    • rey

      i well try everything that on this page!

    • Akshita

      Thanx a lot Lilit!!!
      I really needed help right now and this article is sure to do me a lot good!!!

    • Brayn

      I don’t believe in fairy tales. I believe that there is always an end to everything.. and yet a new beginning is ready to bloom with it.. It takes time to heal and it takes oneself to believe.. Think positively.. Life is beautiful. Make the best of out it… anyways, im trying to move on with my previous 5 years relationship stage, to this time of break up. I love her still but this is the end for our moments.. I continue to follow my reams and find the way unto me. I hope this will be also the end of this kind of tragic event in my life, but then again life is full surprise. Just think of a happy thoughts and fly.. have a nice day guys.

      • sad_chick

        yeah.. that’s what i’m going through right now.. there’s still life after a big nightmare.. even though it’s hard to be happy without him.. i still need to smile and face the new chapter of my life. :) Mine is also tragic… and trying myself to get over him..

      • gracerosacena

        Same here.. My boyfriend and I are supposed to celebrate our 6th year anniversary on August 11, 2011 =( But unfortunately, things happen for the best and he broke up with me because he wants to focus on his career.. he told me I’m already 26. I have no goals, no plans and no direction.. I just cried in front on him i beg him to please talk to me.. but he still ignore me..I love him so dear.. I never cheated on him.. I supported him all the way.. but he just left me.. without saying good bye..

    • Diana chris

      Thank you so much. this is really a great help after all. let us move on! good luck to us! happy new year!

    • FE Sharpe.

      This really does help, not just because its giving tips and hints on how to move on, but just because it gives us a feeling that we are not alone, because i just recently went trough a breakup and my greatest fear was being alone, and even though its my fault im in this situation that i am in now(which also puts a little bit of guilt on my shoulders) it still shows that i deserve better and no matter what i can not only move on but find a better path in life, and that this is simply one of those little challenges in life that really messes with our heads but just remember its there to make us stronger.

    • sweetsavannah

      Thank you so much for this! It really helped me a lot. Now, I’m already planning a lot of things to do this summer. God bless us!

    • tuta

      That’s a great article, I am in a stage where my long distance engagement is about to end. I pray for the power to move on and the well to live and not to break down. I used to refrain from meaningless relationships for the dumbest dream of saving my heart for the one whom I am supposed to spend my life with and ironically my choice was wrong and he ended up leaving me half way four months before the wedding. I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore but I believe in my own self worth and the kind of love I deserve. I know I am better off I just need to pull myself all together stand up and walk away from this misery. I just want to know how and you have helped me with those tips , thanks again :)

    • Elahboo

      its a good and nice article i read :)
      umm iloveit thankyou . .

    • stephanie go

      such a very inspiring writing. I hope i would be able to apply this on my real life situataion. Wiiiiiiish me LUCK! :D

    • sad bird

      its been 5months and still it hurts like hell… seems im having hard time forgetting about her. well thats life, gotta move on! in time, time heals all wounds.

    • Nema

      Im hurting and as much as you guys say it will get better.. it still hurts… do u think men realise how much they can hurt women??

    • Delilah

      I dated a guy for a year and we were serious on an emotional level.
      He got violent and the breakup took a long time. Neither of us wanted to let go.
      I tried everything to move on and I even changed my number but it’s like he has a part of me still. Anytime I get him on my mind I hear from him within days.
      I’m in a new relationship now. We’ve been together over a year and I love this guy more than I did the ex. But I still can’t let him go… They say time heals all but 2 years of being apart hasn’t healed this one.

    • jessie

      My boyfriend just broke up with me 5 days ago for another girl. I loved him so much that I even begged him to return to me. I am still hurting at the moment and will just burst into tears whenever I think of the situation. He even planned our future together, so I was not really expecting him to break up with me. But it just happened. I was thinking of what mistakes I had done for him to leave me. But in the end, we all just have to move on. I will surely miss him!

    • khim Lee

      i have a boyfriend we’ve been 1 yr and 3 months together and we just broke up 6 months ago but y did i cant still move on, i’m trying all the Technic to move on and make my self busy .. and the worst thing every min. sec he’s just appear to my memory while i have my studies etc. i really don’t understand why ?

    • Madhuri Guram

      Beautifully written! I’m sure I’m going to apply most of this soonish :D

    • Imad

      dear … i broke with a girl who lives in canada while i live in india …. din’t get to meet her since den …. we had dis 10 months relation n she broke off now … huh … b4 i googled how 2 move on …. i hv tried everythng on list i can assure u dat … it doesnt work newys …

      just cant live widout her … dats it ….

      if u r notified abt dis post …. n feel lyk helping a total dumb stranger ….

      here is my id

    • Mona Lisa

      Even though I finished with him two months ago, I still miss him. It’s not that I want him back but I just wish things were different. Thanks for this.

    • Blessie May Paconla

      I rally appreciate this! It help a lot
      God bless

    • Jaq

      I’m older and this was the only man I’ve ever fallen in love with. I guess for me the pain is overwhelming because experience makes me believe I’ll never find someone to love again. It makes letting go the pain & moving on so hard

    • saga

      nice.. helps a lot.. tnx

    • bjunei

      thank you… i’m gonna try your techniques.. these could really help me a lot after the pain i felt when me and my boyfriend broke up… i could use something new in my life… appreciate the things that i still have… i know things happen for a reason… and i just don’t know where to start looking for the answer… your techniques might lead me to a solution… thank you for sharing

    • jenny28

      My boyfriend and I broke up just this month.It’s really painful if you know that you did your best for more than 2 years.And your best doesn’t good enough for him.I asked him if he want’s to save our no answer from him.I love him so much more than my life..but things happen for a reason,i believe that there’s someone better for me.THANKS FOR THIS ARTICLE..IT WILL HELP ME A LOT.

    • Thanks!

      My boyfriend an I just broke up the other night. We’re just getting ready for our anniversary. And I’ll be honest, I’m still not over him. But knowing other people are willing to listen, keeping me company and knowing that I’m not the only one in the world with this problem, it really helps a lot.


    • lexy0307

      I have just broken up with my partner of two years awful! I never thot a day like this will come, more so I am left with a kid to look after all by myself well it’s not the end of the world but it’s energy sapping, I work full time, i haven’t got many close friends, but this article is very helpful, just putting this down is a bit relieving, the feeling of emptiness is indescribable but am looking on the bright side of life and hope to find love again.

    • ribaibe

      i also broke up with my boyfie lyk two weeks ago but lyf has to move on.i infact feel sronger than ever n rilly lookin forward to havin a new relationship although i still need tym to relax n hav fun

    • eminem

      i have my 5 years boyfriend,we used to lived together for 3 years but now we wre separated,,,breaking up is not that easy especially if you both know tha treal love is all around you,,but sometimes due to lack of communication and the feeling of pride,no one dares to take the first stepto apologize..I love him very very much but i dont want to show my exagerrated feelings to him..and even though i try socializing…he’s always on my mind especially when it is time to sleep and in times like im alone…i cant help him band i know i couldnt love any guy like i love him.

    • ezra

      We’ve been together for almost 10yrs, but now, it isn’t working anymore:( I don’t feel that I’m special for him anymore, love got cold..
      he can’t even find time to be with me, he’s always busy with such things..
      That’s why i decided to end it,to let him go, though it hurts a lot.
      I don’t even know if i could still live without him, but hope i could…
      One thing more, I did everything to please his family but still, they didn’t like me for him, I can’t do nothing but cry just to ease the pain…
      I know I’m a tough girl and i can do this.. Live Life to the fullest without him!!!

    • hard

      we jst broke up..the reason ‘i disrespected him’ *sigh* ok! I was angry nd said something harsh..but u dont really mean things u blurt out when u’re angry..he doesnt get that. I’v apologized nd did everything but his ‘ego’ is too big. Well i have nothing to say now..enough! He couldn’t see how much i loved him..his bad luck! And now i hate myself for loving him so much. Uggggh!

    • haanz

      i was in a relation for 3 yrs,n broke up a mnth n a half bck.he usd to b evrything to me.but den his mum liked sum chic for him for 4 he cudnt convince his mum bout me.he left me without evn givin me any reasn.he strtd being rude,insulting my parents,insulting me.i usd to b actualy begging him to get bck.but he never listend…though i feel a lil better than stil hurts cuz d way he treated me,d way i loved him…i had never expcted or evn dreamt of sucha thing to happen..n nw hes gna b getn married..n all of d things whch i dreamt of,another gurl wil b living it…i feel terrible to wtch him gt married to sumone else..n thrs ntn i cn do bout it..i try to move on..n forgt bout him..but sumwhr in d corner of my head..evrything tat he did,3 yrs of our relation,his marriage wit sumone else…its stil stored out thr..i get nightmares of dis marriage.n i reli wish i cud erase d memories.

    • Shane

      i had been keeping him in my heart for six years…i had try all my best to please him..i gave all my life without reservations…all my life only revolves around him…i had trusted him…love him so much…in fact i prayed every night hoping that God may hear me…that he will be my partner in life…i had done all the things i can do for me to have him,,,,but right now im facing in the fact that i have let him go and give him up…it was hard..that i dont want to spend even a single seconds to think of him and to let myself hurt…it s so painful…God knows how i love him…that until now im willing to do everything just to have him back…i really want to have him back…..

    • guarg

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    • kay

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    • Adrian

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