Do You See a Problem With This License Plate?

Suppose you love your boyfriend. Suppose you want to get him a really memorable gift. Suppose that gift is a custom license plate. Suppose his name is Andrew Ryan. Suppose the license you get for him  is “A. Ryan 1.” Totally fine, right? Except not so much.


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    • enri zoltz

      I don’t, because I am aware of a difference between “aryan race” ideas and the Old Indic/Iranian language distinction. I always go for the latter first. Maybe as a Jew it’s just a protection instinct. Or, perhaps it’s because I remember some great stories about the Aryans from anthropology class. Either way, if I saw Andrew Ryan on the street, I would probably (and unfortunately) lean toward the more modern view of the word. If he were a darker skinned person, he would absolutely be cleared of any suspicion.