Why Would You Ever Photoshop Matthew McConaughey?

Matthew McConaughey (yes, I copy and pasted his impossible-to-spell last name) is known for his ruggedly handsome all-American good looks. So it’s no question why Dolce & Gabbana wanted the leather-skinned Texan to front their campaign for a new fragrance, “The One Gentleman.” But with one glance at the advertisement, it seems the D&G ad team decided to go Photoshop-happy on Matthew. The actor is clearly proud of his body and his looks as he is often seen partially (or fully) naked and obviously takes care of himself. So why make him look like a lanky male model? The differences between Matthew McConaughey Photoshopped and Matthew McConaughey au naturale are clear:

  • His face is thinner. Real Matthew has a near-perfect jawline, one that most women are attracted to at first sight. Fake Matthew (if you will) has an oval face.
  • He has more hair. Some men, even celebrities, have thinning hair. It’s ok. It’s a part of life. In the picture of Real Matthew he looks like he has fine locks. Fake Matthew suddenly has a thick head of hair.
  • He is skinnier. Unless I’ve missed out on some seriously serious celebrity news that Matthew McConaughey has lost a ton of weight, it looks like Fake Matthew is a few sizes narrower than Real Matthew.

Is there anything else you think makes Matthew in the D&G fragrance ad look fake?

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    • BAB

      The neck is way to wide for the narrowness of the shoulders!

      And I am not sure if it is a PS thing or just weird looking but the hand looks creepy. It’s too big for the body and it looks unattached.

    • Leah

      There’s definitely something up with the neck that’s throwing the whole thing off. It’s like it’s bending in a weird way…

    • JG

      Could they have photoshopped his head (and maybe hand) onto another man’s body? Looks like that to me.

    • ppr

      his hands also look fake or awkward or both