10 Reasons This Princess Diana Ad Is Offensive

Do you remember where you were when Princess Diana died? Sure you do. I feel like it’s one of the first big historical events that people in their twenties do remember. And one day, when we’re old, we’ll make lame old-people jokes about how our inappropriately young partners were in the womb when Princess Diana died. Or how they think she was a lingerie model. Because of this stupid ad.

It’s made by a Chinese lingerie company called Jealousy International. The motto for the line translates to “Feel the Romance of British Royalty.” Why is this offensive? This is why:

1) That is not actually Princess Diana. It is her head painted onto a body.

2) That body is in underwear.

3) For God’s sake, the woman died.

4) In a tragic accident.

5) The cello in that picture is really just used to smuggle cocaine

6) I think that about all cellos. Also, violins. Musical instruments get stereotyped for a reason. String quartets are all made up of drug lords.

7) Who plays a cello in underwear when their children frolic?

8) I’ll give you a clue: not Princess Diana

9) Princess Diana was considered outrageous and shocking because she wore a black dress to a formal party.

10) There is nothing wrong with hanging out in your underwear. Everybody loves no pants time. However, the is nothing about this ad that is right.

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    • Emily

      Gag. I’m a cellist, and the technique alone has me in fits.

      Oh, and I take exception with the stereotype. It’s been, like, 2 years since I’ve smuggled anything in my instrument.

      • nolalola26

        You mean cellists don’t hold their bows like they’re dirty Kleenex? Damn.

    • umahmed

      The ad is extremely in poor taste, but you know they did it because it pubicizes their product in a very effective manner…ppl remember lady diana because of her charm, beauty and love for helping out those who were unable to help themselves….the ad company have homed in on that and turned it into some money making scheme to bring in the big bucks…its sick, its materialistic and its extremely offensive to her children…. Would the chinese like it if one of their beloved departed national figures was portrayed in nothing but underware ? i think not, otherwise they would have used that!

    • nolalola26

      Also, why is she in her lingerie around a child? Why???????

    • Jane

      haha. i love that you think cocaine is always in cello. also… everybody loves no pants time. hysterical.