Kendall Jenner’s Age Should Be a Non-Issue

Flipping through the pics at, I noticed a headline — “Kendall Jenner, 14, Models Skimpy Shorts.

And, I thought to myself, this is news because…???

Well, a little more reading revealed that this is news because she is fourteen, and because she’s suddenly All Grown Up. But — the unoriginal son asks – is it too soon?

This is the second time that the Kardashian’s eldest half-sister has made the news for her age and her decision to show some skin as a model. Last time, it was when she bust out with some bikini photos.

But Kendall is in no way an exception to some age minimum for modeling — in fact, she’s the norm. Most runway models are ages 14-19. They wear anything from next to nothing to layers upon layers of real animal fur. And my guess is that these folks who were so outraged by Kendall’s photo shoot have had hardly written tomes railing against the state of fashion as a whole.

So, why pick and choose who and what to get mad about, when it’s all the same issue? Is it because they know Kendall’s parents, by way of Bruce and Kris’ own celebrity? Or is it because they know, deep down, that their rants will not change a thing, and that feeling of powerlessness is actually more than they care to address? Because really — if young girls modeling skimpy clothes bothers you that much, you have quite a large fish to fry. So rather than do that, which might actually take…you know, some work…haters go in for the easy target.

Not that it’s hurting Kendall’s career at all…but maybe a little more reflection about our intentions wouldn’t hurt?

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    • Eileen

      I agree. It would be one thing if she were posing naked for a men’s magazine – then, yeah, she’s too young. But just the fact that she’s modeling? Especially given that those shorts are about as long as the ones I wore in the summer when I was fourteen? Um, pass.

    • Leah

      Um… didn’t Brooke Shields do that in like… the 80′s? Why are we still talking about this?

    • Meg

      14 year olds in real life wear smaller shorts than that on the bus.

    • Pantsmarty

      please tell me those aren’t really the shorts they’re complaining about. those are grandma high-waisted shorts. there is nothing sexy about them. the only reason it’s “newsworthy” is because The Kardashians are the equivalent of a modern day Brady Bunch. kendall jenner is a much prettier cindy brady, and it’s a little disturbing to see her looking adult in grown up clothing (even if it’s grandma shorts). she’s like a little sister to the tabloid audience. but yes, i completely agree US Weekly’s motivation is to sell magazines by posting pics of her…not to take on the issue.

    • Guy

      this is news worthy because she is a Kardashian, and this will sell magazines/get hits on websites. it’s so ridiculous to use age to define someone. one girl at 14 can be totally different than another girl at 14, yet society seems to want to categorize everyone the same age into one group.
      Kendall has spent the last few years in the media since her sister Kim has become famous. maybe because of that she has matured quickly than other 14 year old girls.
      the bikini pictures were not bad, and this picture isn’t even close to be risque. she’s more covered up here than most other “14 year old girls” or even younger girls wear on a regular basis.