Naked on the Streets of New York: Awesome or Awkward?

A filmmaker in New York rounded up a gaggle of models to run the streets of New York in just their unmentionables. According to the New York Daily News, the event was to promote an “international apparel designer and retailer.” Featured in the background of several of the images are The GAP and H&M, so it could be one of those, or, of course, it could always be American Apparel.

But in other news, what do you think about this stunt? Are the models who did it boldly going where — well, where quite a few have gone before? Or are they just making things awkward for people who are trying to have a nice, quite cup of coffee, like the couple in this picture?

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    • Lindsay Cross

      If they were running around in their underwear to show that they love their bodies or because they wanted to show off a cute new bra, they could be awesome. Or they could be skanky. Doing it because you’re paid to is just kind of… a job. Not awesome or awkward, just naked.

    • Amy

      I kind of wonder if the couple in picture 8 are in on it too, as the woman is very clearly showing a pink bra under her dress.