90210: Tori Spelling’s Nose Through the Years

As today is National 90210 Day (it’s probably not official, but I’m going to go ahead, bang the gavel and make 9/02/10 a national holiday), we are celebrating everything 90210. Alright, so we all know Tori Spelling got a nose job … or two … or three and possibly double digits of Botox injections and possibly a face lift and possibly some other facial plastic surgeries. She even revealed in her book, Stori Telling, that her mother told her she would be pretty once she got a nose job. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t tell her that matching her dress to her book cover at book signings is stupid and a little obnoxious. Ok, so I’m ripping on Tori a little. So let’s change the mood and celebrate her on this glorious 90210 day. Here’s to Tori, and the stori (hee) of her nose …

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    • Lotte

      I think I feel absolutely sorry for her. She looks like an undernourished doll with a huge head. Sorry, Tori.

    • Anastasia

      Love Troop Beverly Hills. I didn’t remember her being in out. Need to rewatch it.

    • Elle

      I absolutely adore Tori Spelling. She endured all the negative bullshit from her mother and turned out to be a caring wonderful person. And she’s beautiful inside and out.

    • Alix

      That woman has a positively heroic jawline. Her likeness must be carved onto a ship’s masthead posthaste.

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