Poll: Would You (Or Did You) Let Your Partner Watch You Give Birth?

Over at Babble.com, there’s an article about whether or not dads should witness the birth of their kids — as in, watch them come out of their partner’s vagina. The writer begins by saying that she’s anti-her husband watching, but mostly because she has a concern that I imagine many of us share — dropping a deuce mid-labor.

Yes, if you didn’t already know, squeezing out a loaf is a fairly common part of the birthing process. You’re there, you’re pushing, next thing you know, you push out something other than a baby. It happens. But in light of that, and in light of all the other things that happen down below (bloody show, mucus plug, placenta, whathaveyou) would you let your partner (male or female) watch you give birth?

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    • Eileen

      He can watch, although I’m certainly not going to force him to. If he’s not comfortable with the idea of watching it happen and then, you know, ever having sex with me again, then that’s his call. But having a baby is pretty cool, and I wouldn’t want to keep my co-creator from sharing in the experience.

    • Jennifer Wright

      I’m confused. Why wouldn’t he be in the waiting room smoking a cigar? Michael Douglas’s throat cancer scare him off it? Okay. He can have a flask.

      Also, I want all the drugs they’ve got. Because I wouldn’t want to watch that myself.

    • Sasha

      When you marry someone you commit to sharing your whole life with him/ her, and ultimately that includes even the grossest of moments. Every once in a while I enter the suffocating cloud of stench emanating from my fiance’s butt to hand him a roll of toilet paper when it runs out in the middle of the act, and there is no shame between us. That is love. When we have children whether or not he watches will be up to him and his low tolerence for blood. I feel bad for women who feel too ashamed of basic bodily functions to share precious moments like these with her life partner.

    • Lindsay Cross

      So funny story… (or depressing, but I’m over it now.) There I am at midnight, screaming and swearing, well actually I had an epidural and was fine, but I could’ve been screaming and swearing if I wanted to. And my daugher’s father fell asleep on the couch… even when I did start to yell and the doctor came in. I was so angry that I threw my cup of ice chips at him, hit him in the head, and told everyone that if they didn’t throw him out of the room, I was throwing something sharp next time. So he didn’t end up seeing all that happens. But if my husband now wanted to, I’d have no problem at all with it. Just no napping unless I can.

    • amanda

      The reason i wouldn’t allow my man to watch is because, some men, after watching this happen, are completely turned off by their womans vajayjay. I have heard true stories about this. And i would not want to ruin my sex life so he could see all my bodily functions happening at once. This experience doesn’t always bring couples closer through bonding. Nope. I voted No fucking way!

    • Diane

      This ended up being a game time decision. Before I gave birth to my daughter, I kept joking about how he wouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near my vagina and that he would be next to my face holding my hand.

      No one ran me through on how I would be giving birth. Feet in the air one being held by a nurse and another by him while pushed against them. I didn’t use any drugs and I am a complete lightweight when it comes to dealing with pain. He ended up being my whole support system and I’m glad he actually ended up seeing it. It definitely has not turned him off.