JWoww Has A Surprisingly Solid Life Plan

While the other girls on Jersey Shore are getting treated like shit by their boyfriends and tanning, JWoww appears to be trying to launch her newfound fame into an actual career. Her website, www.JWoww.com, is pretty good, she’s been interviewed by Rolling Stone and Maxim, and apparently, she’s trying to launch a social networking/graphic design career.

Only time will tell what’s in store for Ms. Woww after Jersey Shore, because we all know that reality fame can be fleeting. But it seems, judging by the fact that she’s the only one on the cast to actually have a website and what would appear to be career goals, that she has an actual future.

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    • Jenn

      I admit I watch Jersey Shores. It’s kinda my dirty secret. JWoww and Snookie are both pretty cool. Snookie gets a lot of trash talked about her, but she’s actually one of the most normal ones because she doesn’t let the guys walk all over her. The 3rd girl – the gf of fat doughboy Ronnie – is very pathetic and has no self esteem. She actually went back with him after he cheated on her and had the nerve to get mad at JWoww and Snookie for telling her he cheated! lol

    • areli and yulissa

      no homo but i wish i could have tat body you sexxy im bearly14 when im your age im be 2# lil jwoww we kool we watch your show every time it comes out no matter wattt demm you and snookie are the beast yahh kool(sexyy bitchess)(:

    • sparkelzz16

      omg am such a big fan of snookie and JWoww i would love to have jwoww body!!!!!! i watch the show every thursday!!!!and sometimes when i dont got nothing to do i will just watch them over.lol lame JWoww how did you get that body?????

    • Halloween Jack

      Some other site–Jezebel, I think–showed pics of her at some event where she ditched the orange spray-on tan and had her hair done up well, and even as someone who doesn’t really give a crap about Jersey Shore, I have to admit that she cleans up very nicely. In five years, probably less, she’ll have her hair cut short and will be wearing glasses and business casual, and the only reminder of her previous life will be her pet dog, a pug named Snooki.