Why I’m Sad/Happy That Craigslist Took Down The Adult Service Ads

There’s a story about my father that involves prostitutes. I’ve always liked it. Want to hear it? Sure you do:

When I was a kid, my family visited New York. We were had dinner someplace in Times Square so as to have easy access to the Broadway show we were going to see. As he was settling the check, my father glanced some prostitutes outside. He promptly returned to the table and told my mother we could not leave just yet as “there are some women outside.”It was clear they were sex workers, If they had just been say, a large and angry mob of women attacking the restaurant, he would have said ladies.

“Well, for heaven’s sakes [my father's name]” my mother replied, “that’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? We’re all adults.” (I was, perhaps, 8, but my parents persisted in treating me as though I were a very slow, semi-literate 42 year old). “We know what they are. We all know what they are.”

“Of course I know what they are,” my father replied indignantly. Then he dropped his voice to a near whisper, “they are ladies of the evening.”

I always think that story sums up a lot about my Dad .

And when I moved to New York, I thought “every time I see a prostitute in Times Square, I’ll probably remember that moment.”

Yeah, there are no prostitutes in Times Square. At least I’ve seen one maybe… once? I think it might just have been Peaches Geldof, though. They’re all on Craiglist now, and Taylor Momsen has had no one to trade clothing with.

Well, not anymore. Guess they’ll be back, and I’ll get to be all full of nostalgia, like Don Draper. Yay, I guess? Well, not yay for the prostitutes who have to wander outside.

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    • Ellen W.

      My Dad’s euphamism was “professional women” which is why I can’t use that phrase in any other context.

    • martha stewerts

      well for some women it is upsetting that their husbands or family members go to see these women.which is highly understandable as for some people grew up completely sheltered or built up alot by their families.as for a fair percent of women grew up alot different and had far different families if any, they just need to make alot of money faster because they dont have a family in the backround who will freely give them opprotunities in life. so some just dont have a choice.yes some get lost. but also lots dont. lots of girls come out stronger and faster with a stable bank account and food on their table. as for craigslist just imagine providing for yourself completely and having to much pride to ask for handouts from things such as welfare.everyone needs to eat and at the end of the day isnt every one doing some sort of trade?

    • Kate!

      My dad won’t even let us say the word ‘uterus’.

      So I don’t think “professional ladies” is even on a radar.


    • sheherbano

      your parents sound awesome.

    • Geraldine

      ” but my parents persisted in treating me as though I were a very slow, semi-literate 42 year old” = gold.