Poll: The Verdict On Wearing White at a Wedding

Over the weekend, I went to a wedding, as did, I’m sure, many of you. The wedding was beyond fabulous. I am wildly jealous. But that aside, I noticed something shocking — there was a woman there, who was not the bride, who wore white. I don’t know her relation to the bride or groom, but there she was, boldly going where no (I thought!) wedding guest had ever gone before. And it wasn’t even an accident, like, “oh, I thought this was champagne!” She had a big white flower in her hair, as if to say, “I DARE you to call me out on this.”

Bold, right?? I was kind of floored, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned. And so I ask you: yay or nay on wearing white to a wedding?

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    • Elle

      If non-virgin brides can get away with white, then I don’t see why guests can’t wear white to a wedding too. I wouldn’t care if someone wore white to my wedding.

    • Nadine

      I’m not very traditional in any sense when it comes to my wedding plans, but I best not see some bitch struttin’ around in white!
      At my soon to be sister in law’s wedding a few months ago a cousin’s fiance was wearing white, I felt it was just a desperate cry for attention, and that she needed everyone to know that she’s next.

    • Eileen

      Brides don’t even always wear white. I mean, you’ll look stupid if you come to the wedding in something that is clearly a wedding dress, but calling attention to ‘omg-that-girl-wearing-white-who-is-not-the-bride’ distracts more people than that girl wearing white who is not the bride does. Unless she gets drunk and acts stupid, but that was a given.

    • porkchop

      No one should wear white OR black to a wedding. Black is easy to condone because it’s possible that some guests didn’t have the time or means to buy a dress just for that occasion, but white is not a common dress color. Wearing white is very brazen.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I got married this summer and to be honest, I didn’t care what anyone was wearing. I know, a wedding is the bride’s day. But on my wedding day, the only things I was worried about were me, my husband and our vows. Refusing to obsess about anything else made it one of the most wonderful days of my life. I wouldn’t have cared if every woman in the room wore white. I was the only one that mattered that day. I’m not saying that people should wear white, because some brides do care and it’s rude. But worrying about all the wedding traditions seems to distract from what the day should really be about, two people in love and committed to spending the rest of their life together.