Modern Etiquette: Is It Wrong to Ask for a Wii On Your Wedding Registry?

Wedding customs change over time. Today, a friend mentioned that she was attending a wedding where the bride and groom’s registry contained some stuff beyond furniture and kitchen stuff – specifically, a Wii. And the kicker? Someone bought it for them, while the spatula and knife set sat untouched. While I have to admit that a Wii on a wedding registry squicks me out a little bit, I’m not opposed to people asking for stuff other than household supplies. These days, many people live on their own – or even with their partner – before getting hitched. The point of registries used to be to help set a couple up in their new household, but that’s not as much of a need anymore. That said… is a Wii what you need to start your married life together?

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    • Amy

      I know lots of couples who have gotten married who ask for things like board games, and other non-traditional items. Most people, even if they haven’t lived together previously, or lived on their own, don’t need or even WANT 8 settings of china, a gravy boat, or towels. I think that in many ways, the idea of “traditional” wedding registries are on the way out — if a couple already has all the stuff they need, what’s wrong with asking for stuff they want? Granted, a wii is an expensive game console, but many of the items on more traditional lists are just as costly, if not more so.

    • lala

      SO not wrong to ask for a wii! I LOVE playing video games and would be lost without them. Plus, why ask for things you don’t need? (like if you already have dishes, bedding, etc.)

    • Mark

      That is totally acceptable! A Wii is as much part of setting up a household and is to spending an evening together playing games as, say, a fondue set is to a romantic dinner. Just because it did not used to be on wedding registries and looks unconventional doesn’t mean it is if you think about it as an item that can be shared and add fun to a relationship. If they were asking for sex toys, however, you’d have me bothered…

    • Lis

      If it’s cool for some people to ask for a Wii, than I want a nice snow machine, maybe a four wheeler, a nice new hunting rifle with scope, and other quality time in the outdoors together type gear.

    • Lindsay Cross

      My husband and I had both lived alone for years before we were married. We actually had to give thngs away because we had too many kitchen appliances and furniture when we moved in. So we registered for some of the normal things, a nice set of dishes, odd utensils we were missing, new bath sets. Then we registered for camping equipment, board games and matching bicycles. If it was tacky, sorry! Most of our family bought traditional presents and our friends said they were excited to give us something fun. It seemed to work out for us.

    • jamie

      totally! everyone has different ‘starter’ needs and why does everything have to be blah, blah, blah for the home? actually, a great alternative registry site is you can register for monetary gifts towards the wii or anything. it’s really cool!