Does Bristol Palin’s Dancing Outfit Look Modest to You?

When Bristol Palin was announced as a contestant on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, she said that she planned to wear modest costumes on the show. That’s a tall order for a show that’s all about slinky, sexy dance gear. Today, the first photos of the ‘celebrities’ and their pro partners were released, and here’s Bristol posing with her partner Mark Ballas. Do you consider this a modest costume? If you need comparisons, you can view all the other ensembles here.

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    • Sleevil

      Of course it’s modest! It’s not slutty red, but conservative black. Just like Lacey schwimmer’s outfit ( that black tutu and itsy bitsy black top is the most conservative of the bunch!)

    • Alix

      lol noooooo. Lacy faux see-thru panels are still racy, regardless of intent.

    • Aiadrin

      It’s about as modest as a prostitute swapping her hot pants for actual shorty shorts.
      Also, I thought this was Dancing with the STARS. Not, Dancing with People Who Have No Other Means To Support Themselves…. Bristol Palin is NOT a star. She is not a celebrity. Her mother, Sarah Palin, was a 2010 VP Candidate and a current political figure for ‘Tea’ Party Members. THAT’S IT! Bristol has done nothing worth noting, save for having her face plastered on every tabloid in town and being exploited as a teen mom.

      Why don’t we give Dancing With The Stars back to actual celebrities? I kinda liked watching some of my favorite actors/actresses fall flat on their asses. Now that’s all about the reality or ‘surreal’-ity shows, it’s dropped further from an actual show, to just another way for people, who don’t know how to do anything else, to make money.

    • Venus in Furs

      Never mind Bristol’s outfit. What did Jennifer Grey do to her face?! That doesn’t even look like her. Poor, Baby!

    • abby

      what happened to “the situation”? he wasn’t represented in the cast photos

    • Jillian

      I’m pretty sure modesty flies out the window when you’re on Dancing with the Stars. Remember Cloris Leachman? And she’s like a billion years old!

    • Carl

      Compared to most of the woman’s costumes on that show, hers isn’t all that racy. Also, I’m definitely not a fan of Sara Palin’s but I think it will be interesting to watch her daughter dance. Also, hot/flashy costumes are just part of that show.

    • Soozay

      Well it’s certainly modest compared to what Lacey Schwimmer is almost wearing!