Gallery: Coolest College Courses We’ve Ever Heard Of

How’s that for alliteration? Yep. I learned how to master that in college. I learned how to do a lot of things in college. Thanks to my fine undergraduate education I received from Miami University (the one in Ohio, not by the beach) I now also know basic French, who Hunter S. Thompson is, how the Union won the war and a whole lot more about the Civil Rights movement from a class that was not about Civil Rights in the slightest. But apparently I missed out on some brilliant college courses being offered these days elsewhere. Yesterday, we posted that the University of Baltimore offers a class all about zombies. According to The Frisky, the University of Virginia is offering a class all about Lady Gaga. Our friends at Lemondrop say that you can now enroll in a Science of Luxury graduate program at the International University of Monaco (meaning you get to study all about Gucci and Versace in the south of France … sign me up!). Classes about Harry Potter are also now popping up in curricula across the country. I love Harry Potter! That class would have totally raised my GPA. But, now that I’ve graduated *tear* I can only live vicariously through those privileged students who can break up their monotonous course schedules of anatomy, geology and intro to sociology with super cool classes like these.

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    • Kate!


    • Eileen

      We have a class on Harry Potter in our French department, but apparently it’s a bitch.

    • Changlator

      Im all about the syrup and lip reading classes but whats the deal with the cornell and falling off objects…

    • Sara

      We have a “Modern Romantic Lit” class at my college, which is reading cheesy Romance novels a la Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, etc. But the class was really interesting- we studied theory (I’m an English major) and it was one of the best classes I have ever taken.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Oh, God, I’d take that class. Which ones do you get to read? Do they have pirates on the covers? Romance novels fascinate me because, growing up, the women in my family definitely all devoured them.

      • Alanna

        Where do you go to school? I may just have to transfer there…

    • Caitlin

      One of my favorite classes in college was Honors Fairy Tale Lit. We read all the originals works by the Brothers Grimm and Perrault, and watched the Disney movies! It wasn’t an “easy A” either. We usually looked at the tales from at least 5 different perspectives including Marxist and Freudian, which was hilarious. (It’s ridiculously fun to watch a Disney princess movie through a Freudian lens!)

      I also took a Sci-Fi lit class. (It wasn’t as fun as the Fairy Tale one, but we did read some great books.)

    • Caitlin

      Oh! And how could I forget! One of my other favorite classes: Sex, Drugs, and the Rock n’ Roll Musical!

    • Erin

      I know that at my university there’s a class all about the history and myths of vampires. Apparently its an easy A for a humanities credit. I wish they would make a Harry Potter class.