No, You Shouldn’t Ask For A Wii On Your Wedding Registry

Why? Because it’s a wedding, not your birthday.

Getting married is not an excuse to have your friends get all the frivolous stuff you want. Wedding registries don’t exist because people really want to shell out for things you think it would be fun to have. They exist because – when people were getting married earlier, and not living on their own for a long time – young couples didn’t necessarily have the basics you’d need to run a home. Things like plates, and cutlery and everyday appliances that someone would use to prepare dinner. You know, things that, as a couple, you really do need, especially if you’re just moving out of your parent’s house.

Trust me, you can run a fully functional home without a Wii.

I just don’t feel like you can group this – even under the vaguest definition – as a “need.” It’s a want.

That said, maybe you can say that you don’t need plates and cutlery because you’re getting married at 32 and have been on your own for the past 14 years. Well, good for you, 21st century individual! Then you should also be capable of earning enough to afford random things you’d like. And I guess you don’t really need a wedding registry.

And honestly? If you’ve found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you already have enough basics to run a home, wouldn’t you be better off just suggesting a donation to your favorite charity?

Oh, and I also hate Santa Claus and just happiness, in general.

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    • Erica from

      I cannot possibly agree more. I had a friend who registered for QVC jewelry!

    • Eileen

      I disagree. When I buy a wedding gift for a couple I love, I’m not trying to help them set up house; I’m buying them a gift to celebrate their life milestone. I’m buying a gift because I love them and I’m thinking of them on what is an important day of their lives. If it’s a couple that hasn’t lived together, or if they’re fresh from college and don’t have many household items, then yeah, probably salt and pepper shakers or sheets for a queen-sized bed or a vacuum cleaner might be appropriate because they’re probably going to need them. But I still want to buy them something even if they have everything they need because giving gifts – no matter what they are and no matter what they cost – is one of the ways I like to show my friends that I care about them, think of them, and want to make them happy.

    • non

      I disagree a lot! I totally can’t have my home without a gaming console. It just isn’t it home unless I’m playing video games. Screw the kitchen appliances! ;-) j/k that stuff is crazy expensive.

    • Sarah

      Maybe it’s because I’m southern and was raised to think basically everything Miss Manners would be against is horribly tacky…but I agree with you completely.

    • Kate!

      I think the better question is:

      Why are you friends with people who would get their faces in a snit over asking for something you want to make your home more enjoyable for you and your loved one?

      I sure wouldn’t give two figs (TWO FIGS.) if a friend of mine asked for a Wii on his or her registry. Whatever. Who cares. I don’t! Seems silly to waste energy toiling over the politeness of it all — if it doesn’t hurt anyone, do it.

    • Amy

      Just because they register it doesnt mean you have to buy it, generally there is a list of stuff and you can choose off it. I think if they want that then someone might get it for them, like there brother or something? Lol. But in a way i agree, its like, save up and buy it yourself, maybe? Oh well, there is absolutley no way people should be argue about it. And i wouldnt be appalled if i saw it on the list. I’d be like, whatev.

    • Brandy

      If it’s a gift that would make the new couple happy, there’s nothing wrong with it. Is it kind of tacky? Well, yes. Do we have friends who are as well, but we love them anyway? Also yes. If that’s their bag, then why judge?

      I think as long as the gift is for the couple, not for one or the other, than that’s acceptable. The friend who registered for QVC jewelry for herself– now that’s a toe curling no no.

    • Reggie

      New sheets, towels, blankets, etc are ALWAYS good even if you’ve been living on your own. :)