• Thu, Sep 9 2010

Will Being a Girl Scout Make You A Lesbian?

A Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Hans Zieger, has spoken out against the Girl Scouts of America, claiming they turn girls into feminist, pro-abortion lesbians. This inspired me to do an office survey (it’s an all-female workplace) and see if Zieger had a point or not. Below, a sampling of our staff.

LILIT MARCUS, Editor, TheGloss

YEARS AS A GIRL SCOUT: About five. Brownies, then Juniors.


FEMINIST? You betcha.

PRO-ABORTION? Choice is fun!

HANNAH SIEGEL, Editorial intern, TheGloss

YEARS AS A GIRL SCOUT: About three, Brownies.




DREW GRANT, Deputy Editor, Crushable

YEARS AS A GIRL SCOUT: Five. Brownie, then Junior.

LESBIAN? No, but I dabbled in college.

FEMINIST? Yeah, sure.

PRO-ABORTION? Oh, definitely.

LIANA MAEBY, Contributing Writer, Crushable




PRO-ABORTION: Um, you mean pro-choice, right?

CARRIE SLOAN, Associate Editor, Blisstree





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  • Lindsay Cross

    Lindsay Cross, Trying to be a Writer, TheGloss
    Years as a Girl Scout: Three
    Lesbian?: Not for me.
    Feminist?: Definitely for me.
    Pro-Abortion?:Believe I should get to make choices for me.

  • Nicole

    Time as a Girl Scout: About 3 weeks in Brownies (left after dispute over legibility of signature)
    Lesbian: In theory, not practice
    Feminist: Obviously
    Pro-Abortion: … Well we ARE overpopulated.

  • Kara

    Years as a Girl Scout: 10 (that’s a long time!)
    Lesbian? No
    Feminist? Yes
    Pro-abortion? Yes

  • amanda

    Amanda Chatel, Writer/Former Angry Office Manager
    YEARS AS A GIRL SCOUT: About three – Brownies.
    LESBIAN: Played in the minors, but never went pro.
    FEMINIST: Yep.
    PRO-ABORTION? Absolutely.

  • http:///members/terry/ Terry Smith

    The only thing this poll tells me is that TheGloss needs to hire more lesbians to balance it out.

  • Eileen

    Years as a Girl Scout: Six (Brownies and Juniors, but then our troop merged with another and I didn’t really like the girls and REALLY didn’t like the leaders)
    Lesbian: No
    Feminist: Yes
    Pro-Abortion: No

  • SamHainPress

    YEARS AS A GIRL SCOUT: not sure, but I hit ‘junior’ at some point…

    LESBIAN? I like the fence, I get a great view.

    FEMINIST? Close enough, sure.

    PRO-ABORTION? Pro Choice, thankyew.

  • Alex

    Alex Martines, Student, UMass Amherst
    Years as a Girl Scout: Six I think? My (straight) mom is a lifetime girl scout and troop leader.
    Lesbian?: Nope
    Feminist?: Duh.
    Pro-Abortion?: Mhm

  • jen

    years as a girl scout: probably about ten–my mom was a leader. :)
    lesbian: bisexual
    feminist: for sure
    pro-abortion: pro-choice!

  • Rita

    I was in the Girl Scout organization for over 9 years. Which taught me a lot lesson to carry through life. I have been married for 37 yrs to the same wonderful man. I think all women are Feminist to some point. We got tired of being door mats for men like Hans Zinger who wouldn’t understand the difference of a help mate. I don’t believe in having Abortion as a form of birth control but sometime choice has to be made medically for the well being of the woman.

  • Jen Dziura

    Wait, I’m confused. You were in STRAIGHT Girl Scout troops? What did you do for your initiations?!

  • Marissa

    Years as a Girl Scout: TWELVE. Daisy’s all the way to Seniors :)
    Lesbian? Nope, but happy and supportive for my lesbian friends
    Feminist?: In some ways but I’m not extreme about it
    Pro-Choice?: I wouldn’t, but I believe in the right to choose.

    This seems crazy to me!! Girl Scouting was all about business sense and leadership and community service from a local to global scale. AND! It taught me how to manage money through cookie sales… yes, I sucked it up and was still selling to my homeroom classmates my senior year of high school… but it paid for spring break in Mexico with my troop!

  • jobeth

    Like a feminist agenda is something WRONG!!! OMG

  • Kaylee

    Hans Zieger… ur n idiot!

  • Sam

    I have always jokingly said that being a girl scout makes you a lesbian!
    I was in girl scouts for 3 years and am a lesbian, pro-choice feminist :P

    Also, all the (four) girls I am still in contact with are lesbians! That is like half of the troop.

    • Diane

      Way to go!!!! I “played with alot of the girls in my Brownie Troop!